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Pealer - 10.ex for tele?

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Pealer, wlecome to the forum!

I'm thinking of replcing my XXX with the 10.ex. Do you find the stiffness of the 10.ex to require a lot of work to tele?

Also, do you have any trouble breaking trail or skiing fast through crud with what looks to me like a pretty low profile tip (compared to the XXX, at least)? Does the skin hook work with the plastic tip?

Thanks! I've narrowed it sown to either the 10.ex or the G41.
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Thanks for the welcome.
The 10.ex flexes stiff but skis very very easily, especially at slow speeds. I absolutely love them in tight trees. And don't worry, they rock at big GS turns as well. No speed limit as far as I can tell. I've never been on so versatile a ski. I've skied the XX tele but not the XXX so I don't have a fair comparison to offer. I really prefer the Atomic.
I do think the 10.ex could use a tip with a higher profile. It's never been a problem skiing crud (and this ski lives for it) but breaking trail could be a bit easier. It's a minor issue but one worth noting. The weight of the ski (or lack of it) however is huge and makes up for it. I really don't mind touring in this ski. It feels about as heavy as a Big Easy or Piste Stinx and still out-skis anything I've been on.
I use BCA Lowfat skins with a traditional tip and no tail hook. All fits well without modification. I think a Euro tip or any other would fit as well.
In-bounds the 10.ex carves like a dream and just eats up crud and refrozen terrain. Its stiffness lends itself to easy air and landings, but the ski gets kicked around a bit in the bumps if you are trying to slither the troughs. Better than I thought it would be though. The G-41 too looks awesome, maybe a bit damper, but too heavy for my backcountry bias. I kicked up to Janet's cabin outside of Copper with pleasure the other day but can't imagine doing that on a G-41. One note: no matter what you think of the factory tune, don't change it! 1 degree base, 3 degree side, and a bit concave (by design?). I can spin 360's on snow with rapid succession without fear of catching an edge, and then carve it up totally railed. There's a few traditional shops around that would ruin that tune in a hurry.
Good luck with your decision.
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Pealer--is this ski too heavy for AT?
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This ski is by far the lightest fat ski out there -- perfect for AT if you like a stiff ski.<FONT size="1">

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I've been away.
I agree with AC. The one thing to remember is that even this ski is a bit on the heavy side overall. I've had AT setups in the past, and the ski I liked best was the Atomic Tourcap Guide just because it was incredibly light and stiff and allowed for bigger adventure. The 10.ex sure does outski the Tourcap though. For day-tripping I'd pick the 10.ex over any other I've tried. For multi-day use I'm still liking the super-light offerings out there.
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How are the 10.EX's working out? Do you have the Linken Binding on them? Would you recommend the Linken Binding for Backcounrty touring or should I go AT.

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