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Arc'teryx Alpha SV vs First Ascent BC Microtherm

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Hey everyone,


I am looking to get some new gear for the upcoming season. I was able to secure a job which allows me to get some pretty steep discounts on various outdoor gear companies including Arc'teryx and Mountain Hardwear. My search started with a down or synthetic puffy to wear around town when it gets cold as my atom LT (isnt warm enough when not working up a sweat) and came across the Mountain Hardwear Phantom hooded jacket( my cost ~$80). It seems like a great jacket and would no doubt keep me warm. Furthermore,  I was going to buy an Alpha SV (my cost $150) for skiing and various other outdoor activites for when it shits H2O and use my atom LT as an insulating layer which has worked well on the mountain.


Now, yesterday I took a stroll into Eddie Bauer and tried on their First Ascent BC Microtherm 2.0 ( woudl pay full price minus 20%) which is a down jacket with waterproof membrane. I one thing that I absolutely loved were the massive chest vents/pockets which I could seem myself using very often on the mountain when working up a sweat. 


So, in saying all this, which would you choose and why? Arc'teryx Alpha SV and MHW Phantom (phantom wouldnt be used as a layer for skiing) or the First Ascent BC MIcrotherm? Maybe another option in Arc'teryx or MHWs lineup? I'd appreciate the the feedback!



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I would get the Arc'teryx because:


1) Layering a Gore Pro hardshell gives you the most options for a range of temps/precipitation conditions (vital if you ever want to hike/skin)

2) Skiing in a down jacket (I don't care how breathable they claim it is) in a wet storm or on a sunny spring day is going to suck

3) That price is amazing!

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Originally Posted by gramboh View Post


3) That price is amazing!

no kidding Alpha SV $150!

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Haha yeah its a pretty insane deal. Only in black however so not my first choice for use in the back country. Looks like its the Alpha Sv for me. Thanks for the help!
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I'm sure your new employer would love to hear you spraying about your prices on the internet...

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First of all there's no need for you to come here and say that in a thread that is pretty much closed. Second I did not sign a non disclosure nore did I mention where I work or my method of getting the discount. Keep your unwelcome comments to your self sir.
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Closed?  The previous post was less than a day before mine.  You aren't going to be able to absolutely control the life of a thread.


You might not have signed a non-disclosure agreement but there is an expectation that pro deals aren't spoken about publicly, at least not specific price breaks.  Sure, we all know they exist, but I've seen folks lose deals because of loose lips...


You can do whatever you want.  I stopped in to offer advice on a jacket and saw someone spraying about pro deal specifics.  As someone that works with pros and their deals, I figured I'd offer my take on the whole thing.

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