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Grind removable boot sole for longer leg?

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My teenage daughter has a leg length discrepancy, diagnosed by a physician a few years ago and treated with a heel lift on her orthotics (she also has some sort of foot issue that was treated by a podiatrist). The lift doesn't correct for the full amount of the LLD, but still seems to have reduced the hip pain she was having.

We've always leased boots/skis in the past and never tried any serious adjustments. Since she's pretty much stopped growing we finally bought her a pair of boots of her own - Rossi All Track Pro women's boots. They have soles that can be swapped to fit alpine vs touring standards.

In reading some of the other threads on LLD re: lifts on boot soles vs lift under binding, etc., also saw a thread that mentioned lowering the boot for the longer leg by grinding soles and adding a shim to the boot lugs to fit DIN specs. Like that possibility because it seems that if the removeable soles were ground down poorly or incorrectly by a local shop, we could still replace them without having screwed up the boot shell itself. Also, if additional correction is still needed it may be possible to minimize the amount of lift added for the shorter leg, either on the boot or under the bindings.

Hoping someone might comment on the following:

How easy is it to shorten for the longer leg by grinding the boot sole, instead of lifting for the shorter leg? Don't have a "good" bootfitter nearby. Is this something the "average" shop could do?

What's the maximum that could be shimmed onto the top of the boot lugs? My daughter's shoe lift is about 7 mm, and my uneducated estimate is that the removable soles on the ski boots could be ground almost that much without touching the boot shell. The other thread mention 3 mm shims that could be screwed onto the boot lugs. Could those be safely stacked?

Would grinding the removable soles affect the structural stability/weaken the entire boot unit excessively, so as to be unsafe?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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I would suggest you take the boot soles off to see how thick the plastic is---I doubt it is 7mm thick


Although we have some lift kits that are 8mm thick, 5mm and 3mm thick they can only be used on boots that have solid soles.  three and five


mm lift kits are pretty standard.  




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