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Sunday Pow Day!

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Did anyone else hit up the foot or so of pow at Loveland Sunday?...I did and it was awesome! Morning started off pretty windy and cold with snow pouring out of the sky. By eleven or so the wind quit and the sun broke out and made for a spectacular day at the luv. I was originally headed to copper but with as much snow as was flying I just pulled into the first place with a chairlift running in order to maximize my time on the hill. It started snowing Friday night and didn't quit until Sunday morning. Talking with ski patrol I believe they got 19 inches in less than 48 hrs with 9 of it coming Saturday night after grooming which made for great pow turns! When I got there only chair six and one were turning and chair two was shut down due to high wind. I cruised a groomer off of one, then skipped over to six...wouldn't you know it as soon as I was off the ground chair two fired off. Those of you that know loveland know that two runs to the fire bowl and some long blues. All I could do was watch from the next chair over as pair after pair snaked all the untracked fresh off of lift two....I wanted to jump off the lift. By the time I got down from six the freshies were just about tracked up but there was still a little bit for my enjoyment. Then on the second pass up two, I decided to veer right to a green run that didn't seem like it had much traffic. As everyone piled down the two blues and I came to the green there was nothing but fresh untouched powder. There was two small tracks were two young kids were falling down on their snowboards over by the trees. I got to shred up the whole run all by first "first tracks".spent the rest of the day lapping the chair two mid point til my legs felt like they were going to fall off!

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Sorry about the double photos
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Good for you!  A lot of folks were there for a PSIA level I instructor training course (the ones standing around frowning) or for various PSIA clinics (the ones skiing down laughing).

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say alot of inspection/grading going on.

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Welcome to Colorado! :)

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I love CO. Not only have we been skiing since mid October, now i have a true pow day in mid November! my legs hurt so bad

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We were unable to make it Loveland. I think the roads were bad or something.


Anyway, we decided to ski somewhere closer to home, like Aspen Mtn.


It was great!


The season is off to a good start.Thumbs Up


How 'bout dem Broncos!



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There was ~10 yards of this at Keystone on Sunday.


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Jason, I take it you are not worried about the good weather on the front range anymore? :D

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Originally Posted by rx2ski View Post

Jason, I take it you are not worried about the good weather on the front range anymore? biggrin.gif
No I think the weathers just fine
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