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basics: 5'11, 170lb, type 3, new england only. In-bound only. No problem on groomers, fine with steeps, okay with not-so-tight trees, issue with moguls, trying to learn park.


Got line chronics this year mostly for messing around mountain(wife is beginning to learn and I'm sure I'll be dragged to ski with her on bunny hills etc etc) and learning park. Thinking about getting a frontside do-it-all ski to go with it. What I'm looking for in this ski: (not in order)


high speed stability(maching down K's superstar without worrying getting thrown out by hardpack)

liveliness in trees/bumps but not the "bounce me around" kind of liveliness

can handle anything from hardpack to crud. doesn't have to be great in powder since we don't get much of those, but enough float in trees still needed.


FWIW I have these following names come to mind: Volkl Kendo, Line P90, Bliz Brahma. All are in the ~90mm range and I think it's wide enough for what I ask for? 


Lengthwise I'm thinking 175ish(+-3) should be enough ski for me. (my chronics are 178 with decent amount of tip+tail rocker).


Feel free to suggest anything else that you think may be a fit.