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2 Ski Quiver Advice

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Stats :  5' 10"      165-170 lbs        Age :41     Advanced /Expert    Ski in the Alps 20 -30 days a year



I am looking to get a couple of new pairs of skis this winter. For my first ski I am looking for something in the 98 range , 50/50 usage both on and off trail . For my second ski I am looking for something that is good in the bumps and on the groomers but can also be used off piste to some degree.


In the 98 category I have been looking at the following skis:


Blizzard Bonafide               180

Stockli Stormrider 95

Kastle Fx94                        176


2nd ski


Kastle Mx83                    173

Blizzard Magnum 8.5 Ti    174

Kastle FX84                     176

Stockli Stormrider 78        174

Stockli Y-85                     177  


I was originally  leaning towards the Bonafide in a 180 and the Magnum , but since reading dawgcatchings review of the MX83 I am now thinking of pairing that with the Bonafide .

   I have a pair of Look pivots in chrome to go on the Bonafides if I get them  . If I go for the Mx83's should I go for the look pivots or the Salomon Sth2 .


I know I should demo, but since breaking my old skis at the beginning of last season  I couldn't find any of the skis I wanted to demo, and therefore spent my time on rentals . I really want to get the skis before I get there this season.


All suggestions and advice on ski and length are much appreciated.

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Demoing in Sölden last weekend, I found that the Nordica Hell & Back is a ski that fits both your bills (i.e. it is great on groomed and in crud, but it also handles tight spaces and soft snow/powder (not too deep) really well). 


My point is: maybe there too big an overlap between the two categories of skis that you want. I suspect that what I experienced in the Hell & Back goes for the Bonafide as well (although I haven't skied it).


If the wider ski is for off-piste/powder use (mostly), why not go for a ~110mm in stead? That would complement any ~85mm hard snow ski much better, IMO.

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You can make an arguement for any of the combos but your initial thought of the Bonafide and MX83 is great. I would put the. Pivot on the Mx And the Sth2 on the Bonafide though, just a small personal preference, not a bad way your way either. Get the skis, get them mounted and get skiing. You are set don't over think it.
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Thanks for the input .

      Is the 180 in the Bonafide the right length for me . My local shop recommended I get 173 but judging by the posts here,  people of my size and weight have been advised to go for the 180's .

    I will take your advice on the bindings Phil and will put the STH2 on the Bonafides and the Pivots on the Mx's . Which now means I have a pair of Chrome Look pivot 14 wide up for sale ( brand new ) .

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