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Just curious what tele set up everyone was using (ok I'm bored)...myself - Tua Razor (192cm) w/ chilis and Dynastar ATV (197cm) w/ chilis. Scarpa T2's for boots. I definitely prefer the alpine ski over the pure tele ski.
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I agree on the alpine ski. T1s on XXX with G3 Targas are my main ride.
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Volkl G41 198's
K2 X-15 198's

G3 Targas on both

Garmont Super G, thermofit liners and superfeet beds (best thing i ever did for my skiing)

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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Fisher Alltrax Freeride 188cm (Alpine boards)
Rottefella Riva 3
Garmont Squadra

All OK but the soles of boots that are defect (too soft compound, get chewed up & toe does not sit firmly in binding)
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Geez, ridgehiker, those sure are some big guns! You are making me feel inadequate with my 188s.
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190 Iggy's w/G3
187 XScream Series w/Linken
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It's like night and day! I like the Targa better than any other cable rig I've used, but the Linken sets the bar pretty high. The torsionally rigidity is unbelievable and the binding has a more neutral feel than any cable. No tip dive, no heel flop, no toe crunch.

I like the G3, but I use the race cartridge and because I don't weigh a lot, it tends to launch me over the handlebars if I'm not on it and skiing very aggressively. That could also be the ski, but I think it's probably a bit of both.

I'm sold on Linken, and I'm betting that in the next season or two once all the bugs are ironed out and Linken gets more exposure on this side of the pond, other manufacturers will wise up and come up with something similar.

BTW the Iggy's are for sale if you're interested.
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Pinner, please give info on the Igs for sale
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Igneous Mid Fat Carver
240RA flex
14mm sidecut
29m radius @ 200cm

Crystal graphics
mounted with G3 Targa's
Skied less than 10 days

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Volant PowerKarves 183 w/ Rainey Superloops. New T1's, Also have some Volant Z-Zones 193 mounted with Voile cable's on them.
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Hey Jane,
Ever worry about bending those steel boards on the bumps at The Jane??
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I have not had the same problem on Tele as I have on Alpine. I have broken my fair share though. The worst was snapping an old pair of SL race skis up on Railbender. Not a fun trip down I assure you. My tele skis have alot of camber in them and I think that keeps them from bending. I have never had trouble getting a new pair though.
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Railbender.. ouch!

I shattered a BD Boundary about two-thirds of the way down Retta's once. Had to limp back over to the Jane side (parked at Utah Beach, you know) Figured rather than being a wuss and riding the bus, I'd try and ski over. We figured the easiest way to avoid Outhouse was to traverse across to Frenchman, and again cross over to the Jane Trail and then cruise/limp home. Well the tree shot between Outhouse and Frenchman being one of the tastiest lines on the mountain, as we traversed through it, I couldn't help myself from just pointing them.

By the time I was finished I had eaten my fair share of schitt and ended up with a top-sheet and a base slapping together, with wood chips all over my bibs and parka... But man, was it worth the ride!

Do you work for Volant?
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Atomic 10.EX 184cm
Garmont Squadra with Thermoflex
Peak Rigs cable binding

The Peak Rigs interface well with the Squadras. I'm suffering no deformation to the boot. The binding skis very, very solid. The 10.EX is a pleasure to have in the BC. Skis huge for weighing so little. The biggest surprise is how well it skis at any speed, rewarding both carving and steering technique.
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I was there for 4 years, that is why I am not bothered by how many skis I have torn up. I had a simular story, losing a glove at the WP base, parked at C lot was my car, with the spare pair, I was pretty new to tele and I struggled down Outhouse as opposed to skiing to the Olympia lift and over. Rode the Goose the final leg to the car.
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Super Stinx
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i'm a former college rower, high school soccer player, and junior racer.

at 6'2, 225# and most of my weight below the waist (not THERE, you pig!) i need a big ski.

what amazes me, is a friend of mine, at 5'4, 125# soaking wet also skiis the G41 in a 198.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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Pealer: Could you share your experience on Garmont Squadras ? - How well does thermoflex innerboot go with Squadra shell ? I'm having trouble with the original innerboots as tongue edges cause pressure around first buckle (did walk around with boots on for 1,5 hours at the shop with no problem...). How about the sole, any problems with tips getting chewed off ?
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I use a "single-density" Thermoflex liner with a high volume custom footbed. The fit is near perfect for me. I'm not sure about using the more popular dual-density liners in a boot with the lowered volume of the Squadra. At least for me I know it wouldn't work with my special needs in corrective footbeds. If you can wait, Garmont will be introducing a Thermoflex-like liner next year for the Squadra. Besides the reduction in weight, I find the Thermoflex offers warmth and a good "feel" of the interface to the shell. I downsized shells and squeezed the heat fit for a very thin interface. There is no movement of my foot once buckled in the boot.
The edge of the sole at the duckbill can get chewed up a bit. It's important to find a binding that will not allow the Squadra to back out under forward pressure. I'm still experimenting a bit with that. The boot skis so well that I don't mind the challenge.
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I already got a pair of Squadras - with defect sole material... After 5 days tips are chewed up and I've experienced backing out few times, luckily in safe situations. I'm now trying to find a fast cure as I don't want to fall in any hairy place because of defect sole material. (I just got information that soles will be replaced free of charge after this season...).
Have you tried installing thin (1/12"-1/8") shims between boot and binding ? I'm going to try that next.

And the fit is also an issue as at the shop I was not able to spot pressure points caused by poorly padded tongue. I've tried skiing them with my alpine innerboots and with them they feel very good. But they lack the lacing that is useful when skinning or skiing flat terrain.
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...been skiing.
I haven't tried shims. No need to for me at this point, but I'd like to hear what you think of using them. I'm really enjoying skiing the Peak Rigs binding. I'm not backing out and I can't seem to hurt them. They ski very strong, transfering energy to the ski better than my Superloops or Voiles. I have about 15 pretty hard days on them at this point. I haven't skied the Riva 3 but did try the Squadras in the Riva 2. I backed out with my first tele turn and continued to do so no matter what pre-load on the springs I tried. I probably caused more damage to my boots that day than all others combined.
I can't say enough about the Thermoflex liners. I tour with my boots entirely unbuckled and still have no slip or friction around my foot. I did pad a bit around the heel, but I would do that on any liner. The touring adventure before the turns is much of my pleasure in the BC. <FONT size="1">

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Riva 3 is basically same as Riva 2, only cable adjustment is different...
I'll inform you if I manage to get them work with my boots.
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Pealer: I placed a shim in cavity at the base of the Riva 3 (around the text "Riva 3")and replaced wires with shorter ones - seem to work OK now.
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Elan MX2000 Super
and...drumroll...T3's! eek, I know, I know... I have to admit that I feel a little embarrassed but you'd be surprised at what I can make those lil' boots do! Thinkin' T1 or Squadra for next season... any suggestions?
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Welcome aboard, canadajer! You'll find a good group here. As for the boots -- and I'm sure you already know this well worn piece of advice -- but go for whatever fits best. Both T1s and Squadras are great (avoid Triple Gs though -- I hear they're discontinuing them next year becasue of all the problems they've had).<FONT size="1">

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