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Binding mounting screw up?

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Hi there


Just got back from REI, who mounted new Atomic FFG 10 bindings to new Rossignol Experience 98 skis.  I noticed that on both skis the right brake grazes the ski edge while the left brake has about a ~5mm clearance.  I also see the binding is not located along the middle of the ski but rather is off to the left on both skis.  Is this intentional and the way it's meant to be or sloppy / bad mounting?  I worry that the brake grazing against the ski edge would erode the edge over time.  Of course, if the binding is off by a couple mm from where it should be that is also something I would want to fix asap!


Right side of brake, touching the ski.



Left side of brake, plenty of clearance room from the ski.




Thank you!

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That is about par for REI. Rarely "perfect", a little off center happens more often than not. Just bend the brake a little bit and they'll be fine.  If they were a lot worse it I'd take them back, but not looking at what I see in your photos.

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Thanks crgildart.  How about the bindings being off-center of the skis?  I don't know if I'm just being overly sensitive or whether this is something I should get corrected (if it is indeed not the way it should be..!)

Pic here

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That's what we call a "miss mount", it was done wrong. Bring it back and show REI, they will take care of you, no doubt.

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Impossible to tell from the pictures due to the angles involved. Measure the edge of the bindings to the right and left edges of the ski in a couple of places (the bindings may or may not be mounted parallel to the centerline of the skis). You have to measure from the base edge of the ski, not the top edge, so you'll need a combination square. If only the brakes are off center it's not a problem. If the bindings are off center it is.  Hope you bought the skis at REI, because you may need to invoke their return policy--you can't move bindings over a few mm, you would have to remount them at least 1 cm forward or back, which would change the performance of the ski--not necessarily for the worse.  If the bindings do appear to be off I would talk to the store manager and and if he was willing to commit I would probably try the skis first to see if you notice any difference when you switch skis left to right (regardless of what the stickers say you can ski either ski on either foot--I assume that the Experience, like nearly all skis, is symmetrical.) If you can't tell the difference it probably isn't worth the hassle to fix the problem.

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Jooks like they are off and mounted wrong


Bring em back


REI sells Rossi E98 so new skis should be no issue for them


Don't waste your time skiing them, get them to fix them


From REI


 All skis require professional binding mounting based on skiers size, age, and skier classification. REI ski shops mount, adjust and test your bindings for an additional fee. Contact one of our REI ski shops for a quote. For more information see our Ski Shop page.


So much for professional binding mounting at REI

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