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Skis for sale

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It's time to get rid of 2 pair of skis that don't "speak to me".  


1st up is a pair of Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot in 182cm with a demo Marker bindings.  Skied on them for ONE RUN last season.  Pics available upon request.  $500 obro


Next is a brand new pair of Scott "The Ski" skis.  185cm.  Marker Jester binding.  Skied on them yesterday at Killington for 1/2 a day.  Great ski but I like my Rossi 88s better.  Pics available upon request.  $600 obro.  Tough ski to find right now.


Email me directly for pics of either ski at wtbATwilliamblylawDOTcom.  Swap out the AT with @ and the DOT with .  I'll be taking pics tonight.

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Are the Ullr's TT or RL?

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Ullr's have rocker logik
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