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Which EpicPass Ski Area is least WROD right now?

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I'm itching to get out on the slopes. Thursday is 6 months post-ACL reconstruction. I know I'll be up in the mountains on Thanksgiving weekend, or maybe before then. Which EpicPass ski area is the least WROD right now? I really don't want to be run into.

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Was at A basin the last two weeks,  No problems.  Fairly busy but the snow is good.  Will hit Breck or Keystone tomorrow though.  Tired of the few runs at A basin,

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It is a long season so don't be in a hurry and ease into the season once your Dr and PT give you the thumbs up.


I haven't been to A Basin yet, but was at Keystone Tuesday and Breck for a bit today.  


It was not crowded at all at KS and you had the choice of Spring Dipper (back to Gondi, Montezuma or down River Run) or Schoolmarm/Silver Spoon.  I think they have opened a bit of new terrain since.  The snow was pretty good and with the snow now falling, I would expect more terrain to open with good conditions.


Breck was only running 1 of 2 high speed lifts at the base of 8 (CO Super Chair)- there was a line but the actually slopes were not overly crowded as you had a handful to choose from.  I only stayed for 4 runs as the lift maze was pretty full and there were weeds, etc poking through on a few of the ungroomed stuff (they reported 7" this morning) but it was fun to hit some ungroomed stuff.


Overall, I would give the nod to KS, but both are good for this time of year.

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MEFree30, Doc and PT gave me a thumbs up already (about a month ago). My original plan was to wait until a week day and go to Eldora, but due to deadlines at work, I don't know if I'll be getting any week day skiing in soon. I'm going to be up in Dillon on Thanksgiving so I know it will be hard to be up there with friends that are skiing and avoid the slopes. I just want to take a few runs and shake off the cob webs. :)


Eldora opens on the 22nd so maybe I can squeak in a half day before work the week before or after Thanksgiving. The good thing about Eldora for me is how close it is to work. Getting a couple of hours in and then going to work is a possibility.

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Hit A Basin on Friday and Keystone after the clouds moved in and light got real flat...

A Basin had top to bottom open, down the face/gully to the mid-mountain and then 3 options to bottom.  All were really pretty nice for this time of year, but the lifties warned that it (of course) gets real crowded on SAT/SUN.  Virtually no line there on Friday.  There is a fair bit of snow, natural, out there, but not really deep coverage up high. 

Keystone, as stated has about three options open on Dercum.  All skied nicely, small wait at Montezuma.  Again, for the few runs open, all in very nice shape for this early. 

Have not gone to Breck...who knows what the effects are from the FRI/SAT and upcoming SUN storms. 

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