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The LINKEN telebinding.......

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Have you heard of the linken telemarkbinding?
It`s a new supreem telebinding from Narvik, Norway. Linken started as an experiment of a local ski freek in Narvik, and has now become a world wide thing.

Wisit www.linken.com

It`s simply the best telebinding ever made.
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Linken just started shipping a week or so ago, I'm looking forward to hearing what people think about them. They have a metal plate that goes under the boot to the heel piece which makes them more torsionally rigid (like the Skyhoy, but not releasable and not nearly as complicated -- the toe piece actually looks more like a Superloop toe). I think this is the direction all high-performance tele buindings will be going. The question is, is this binding ready for prime-time (durable and no major design kinks)?

I'm going to wait a little while to here the initial responses, but (and I am hoping this is the case) if no major problems arise, I think I'll order a pair.
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The LINKEN binding is as you say just stated of in the USA, but the binding has quite a history here in the northern part of norway. The fist moddels of the binding had a kind of "homemade-look". And they were indeed home made. There have been quite a few changes from the first prototype to the binding you can buy today. I can insure you that they have been thuraly tested in the oldfasion "try and fail" procedure. The bindings have been the theem for a lot of gossip among norwegian telemark skiers. But I think everybody now agree that it`s THE binding.
The worst thing about them is that they are a bit ugly to look at, but I think they maybe grow on you.
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I don't think it is ugly, kind of high-tech if you ask me...

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Pierre eh!: You now have the jobb as LINKEN-testpilot for this site. Hang in there!

I told you they were good stuff..........

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Linken is an excellent binding from Norway(offcourse)! I tried it almost two years ago! Excellent!
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Check out their website re: cloe breakage. They're working on replacing it with a brass part.
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Telemarktips.com posted a review on the LINKEN a couple of days ago. The article also reviews Rainey's hammerhead, the Skyhoy II, and one other binding (can't remember which one now).
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