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How short is too short

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I got a pair of fischer emperor (progressor 950 cline) off craigslist intended for my wife as they are listed as 165, but actually they are 170, so they are def too long for my wife.

I wonder if they will be okay for me, I am 6' 193 advanced skier, ski a pair of motive 80 cline
Will they be okay for me or should I just sell them cheap?
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How tall is your wife? Weight? Those wouldn't be too big for me. They are too short for you.
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My wife is 5,7 120 lb
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Hmm.. What level skier? Thinking she'll still be fine, but not familiar with the ski.
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She's intermediate , the skis has 2 layers of ti and full sheet of carbon, so it would be driving her instead:D

If anyone interested lol, I am selling the skis
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Don't know Emporor name, but if Progressor 950 Cline 170, talk to me! Maybe a pic or two? Price? Shipped to SoCal.

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