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Jasper - Marmot basin

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Any beta on how Marmot looks today/this weekend. Coverage looks a bit thin. Are many runs open? We're planning on heading that way next weekend.

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Just wondering where you are travelling from to get to Marmot? I don't  know what the conditions are like at Marmot but most ski resorts this time of year are not worth spending the $ to get to if you need to travel any kind of distance.


Sun Peaks will open this Sat. Nov 23 and based on the cold temps and amount of snow that has been falling lately it should be an above average opening day. But after the initial untracked snow is cut up, it will be thin covering and limited runs open and needing more snow.

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About a five hour drive, so not too far for the weekend. We'll go even if it is sketchy, just was interested to know how sketchy it is. Hopefully the snow is going to continue throughout this week.
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