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2002 Volkl G3

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I was wondering if anyone out there had tried the new G3 or G31 replacement yet. I have heard that a few folks who had were scrambling to find the G31 instead. I was curious why that might be, so I looked at what the preliminary information of next season's changes has posted. It was then that I discovered what the big change was. It appears that the new G3 will have a much deeper sidecut and a more flared tail (108-70-96) as opposed to the (106-69-92) of the G31. Those figures are very close to the MOD and X-Scream, which may appeal to a lot of skiers out there. The new G3 should carve a fuller turn...stay in the turn longer, too. Anyhow, I really like my G30's because they ski straight fairly well with the tapered tail dimensions versus the Scream or MOD. Anyhow, I am curious to check them out. I would imagine, if they retain the stiff flex of this year's model, they might ski a lot like a MOD X Pro or 10.20. Anyhow, any info would be great!
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They are a softer overall flex. The logic is that they can compete for X-Scream customer. The G31 had aggressive expert written all over it so some people shyed away and went with Mod's or X-Screams. The G3 is a friendlier ski, good for the advanced skier but the agro experts might need to turn elsewhere.
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elsewhere being the G4. Anybody have any info on the G4 and how it compares to the G41?
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Correct, G4 is the same as G41 except for graphics.
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Are there any G4s around (for sale) right now?
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posted this on review board, but maybe better here.

Does anyone have dimensions for the P50 Motion? I've seen it in stores and compared it to the p40f1. Tip and tail on 50 motion seem bigger. I'd heard that dimensions were similar to old p30rc but not sure.

00/01 p40f1: 102 65 88
99/00 p40f1: 100 63 86
98/99 p30rc: 101 63 89

I believe these #'s are correct but I'm not 100% pos.
I'd say new P50 motion tip is greater than 102mm but maybe I'll measure this weekend.
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Matter: Guess that means you still prefer the G41 to the Pocket Rocket. I was thinking 175 PR or 178 G4--what makes you lean toward Volkl? Better all-round ski due to slightly narrower dimension? Is the Volkl still more stable than the PR?
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As always, good information. It sounds like the "ski/binding system" from Volkl might be headed down the same path as Salomon. What I mean is that they essentially took the X-Scream Series, softened it, and then add the binding. The resulting ski seems to be designed for a more finesse skier. However, the Pilot is marketed to us all as the "ultimate freeride tool". That may be the case for those who thought that the Scream was too harsh, but not for all. Luckily, Salomon had the wisdom to retain the original Scream, which still sells well.
Following the aforementioned plan, it seems that Volkll is doing the same thing, minus the retenion of the original G31. I agree, as a G30 owner, that it is a powerful ski, that is definitely not for the passive skier. A softer G3 may appeal to a wider audience, but throwing out what provided such wonderful reviews (G30/31), just seems like a poor business plan.
Anyhow, Volkl does have the reputation for beefy, race oriented skis. Maybe this is their attempt at changing such a "rigid" image.
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Here is a summary of Volkl changes if you haven't already seen it: http://www.skinet.com/article/gear.cfm?alias_id=4825

G41 is unchanged.

Volkl should have added the G3 to their line and retained the G31, like Atomic added two skis to replace one.

The Salomon Crossmax sounds like a nice stiff new ski. Read a couple reviews in the "Pilot" thread. I think it is supposed to be significantly stiffer than the X-scream series.
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Bandit Man- Don't mean to chase you down, and it's off the subject in this thread, but what the hey! We're all having fun here.
Here's something about Gart stores.

Well, here's the skinny: I've been working at Gart for 5 years. Sportmart is not a subsidiary of Gart. Sportmart and Gart merged a couple of years ago. Actually Sportmart had more stores than Gart did. There were no overlaps in store coverage so no one lost their jobs; only some of the managment when Sportmart's Chicago office was moved to Denver. Most of the sportmart stores changed their name to Gartsports. A few retained the name Sportmart due to area familiarity. I started 5 years ago at Sportmart and have been there all throughout the changeover. During a rep-meating break I asked the rep if it were a merge or buyout. He smiled and said, "Depends on who you talk to!" We both laughed. he then said it was a good merger because there was no store over lap.
True- Gart has tons of these old straight skis. They've never been used, i.e. new. As I have been told. Jobbers have tons of these older skis and sell them to Gart, et al for so many cents on the dollar. Gart then discounts them and puts them on the rack. There are still many die-hards out there who still believe in some myths about the mid-fats, or shaped ski. They erroneously think these skis are for beginners and intermediates only and if you're a true skier you don't cheat by using them.
This is almost analogous to a general in the Union army who refused to buy the new breach-loading rifles during the Civil War, saying the old muzzle loaders were just fine. Lincoln finally fired him! (especially after Lincoln test-fired one himself!)

We've been this route before- When metal edges came out, there were many who said this was cheating. They wanted to ban the use of metal edges in racing! Safety bindings came out. Many young bucks called the rest of us wimps and scardy-cats, afraid to get hurt. But I guess that's part of life.
A couple of years ago I met a girl on the mountain who said her grandfather still skis on solid wood skis with no metal edges and bearclaw bindings. She can't get him off of them. A true died-hard! Oh well... to each his own.
Selling on the floor I see most people buy these straighties because of price. They can't afford anything else. At least it gets them up on the hill to have some fun. Bob

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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Interesting info on the Gart/Sportmart deal. Gart just bought out Oshman's, which has stores in CA and TX. I am amazed to see their progress, as I worked for them as a sales associate/tech in the ski department while going to college in UT. I was the import from SoCal, and I knew more about gear and technique than the locals who worked at the store. I quit in the spring because I just couldn't take the lack of skiing expertise. Anyhow, it seems that thigs have changed, as I popped into a Gart's store during my UT trip this season and actually got some good information from the ski salesmen. They must have been CA imports like me!
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Hi, Has anyone skied the G3? 191cm? Any impressions/ comparsion with G31. Thanks
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Here are the dimensions......

P50 Motion '01/02

P50 F1 '01/02 & P40 F1 '00/01

G31 '00/01

G3 & Vertigo Motion '01/02

One trend you will see for next season is most Mid's are moving to a waist 70mm or greater.....
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