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Intuition Pro Tongue Liner - Any feedback on this new liner?

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Looking at getting this liner and was wondering if there is any feedback on people using it.


Thanks in advance.

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All you need to know is likely right here:  http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/showthread.php/149284-Intuition-liners?highlight=intuition+liners

And yes, I have the Luxury liners in my Tecnica Dragons and like them a lot.

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I talked to a fitter in a local store the other day, according to him, the new pro tongue is almost as stiff as the powerwrap but of course skis different due to the design.


If you are used to tongue liners and want some stiff liners I think it could be a good option!

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It's most definitely stiffer than the Power Wrap. I have baked my Pro Tongues, but I haven't skied them yet.
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Curious to see how others like these as well. I just ordered some today for my old Atomic Beta Ride 11 shells. I like the idea of the removable foam in the footbed.

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Reasonably stiff with solid, direct foot movement transfer to the ski. Permit ample edge grip on slick ice. Warm. Performance is lower than traditional injected foam liners, but with the foam chemical changes of the last few years those are no longer an option. Have 18 days in the pro tongue at present. They're starting to "settle in" but no signs of packing out. Have skied bumps, hardpack, crud, and 1.5 feet of pow on them and noticed no issue in any of these conditions that could be attributed to the liners.

This year's model no longer has an adjustable tongue -- it's now sewn in place. I hope they fix that design flaw next season.

The dye on the liners bleeds a little, so your shell insides will be cheery Christmas colors.

Check the sizing guidelines. My shells are 26.5 but I'm the next size up for the pro tongue liner. Many people go up a size for this liner.
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I upsized the liner also and it is a stiff high performance option, but ultimately I ended up going with the ZipFit World Cup SE; it was just a better match for my needs.

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I thought thought the Pro-Tongue was new this year?


Interesting. I'd been emailing with Crystal about liner sizing for my shells including HD/FX Race and ProTongue and she said to downsize the Pro-Tongue. My shells say 26-27.5. Current liners are 27.5.


The HD Race liners are ALL High Density foam, like the Pro-Tongue liners.
The FX Race liners have 4mm of a softer foam against the foot for additional comfort.
Both the HD & FX Race liners have 7mm HD foam soles, attached to the liners (not removeable).
The Pro-Tongue has a bit more volume in the heel/ankle compared to the race liners, but similar in the cuff.
27 in Pro-Tongue, 28 in the Race liners.
Let me know if you need more information, anytime.
All the best,

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for your quick, detailed response. My current boots/liners are 27.5. Website says to upsize except for Dreamliner, this must hold true for Pro-tongue as well?



"Yes - downsize on the Dreamliners and Pro-Tongue - so 27/9."

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