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Sweetspot Ski Trainer

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Has anyone tried it, Thoughts? Doesn't look to promising!

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Originally Posted by sal1355 View Post


Has anyone tried it, Thoughts? Doesn't look to promising!

Guess you missed the announcement when SkiA became an EpicSki sponsor. :)


I got the Sweetspot last fall.  Was doing knee rehab at the time.  Definitely appreciated being able to work on balance while in ski boots.  Will be using the Sweetspot between now and the start of my ski season, which is fast approaching.

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I just tried mine last weekend. I can see the benefit, looks pretty simple but the beginners blocks are a bit of a challenge to get dialed in on. There really is "a" spot that is the sweet spot.


I don't think they are worth the retail price but maybe if you look hard enough you can find a coupon or discount of some sort.

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See the latest post from SkiA regarding discount code:


There was an EpicSki discount a year ago when SkiA was just getting going with U.S. sales.

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