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Question for those who know. I have never used skins, actually never tele'd other than lift service. My friends are going snow shoeing this weekend and I was wondering if I should take my skis + skins instead? Does anybody rent skins in the Seattle area? Is there anywhere where I can buy them cheap?
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does the glue, sticky matter, whatever it is leave a residue on the bottom of your skis after you pull them off?
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nope, no residue -- kind of like one of those yellow "post-it" notes
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Be careful if you're skinning with snowshoes. One of the most miserable trips I ever did was on a snowshoe trail. It's harder to turn a pair of 200cm skis than a 20 oz pair of shoes when you're going straight up a twisting trail.

On the flats and downhill, you'll smoke em, but if it's a trail that's normally a horsetrail or something in summer, you're a goner.

Most shops will only rent you plastic Voile Snakeskins which are pretty much worthless. Better to use wax if you can't score a pair of skins from someplace.
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