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I recently came upon an interesting Italian ski review site, (aka Neveitalia). I don’t believe it has been previously mentioned on Epic, as I found no hits for either “snowalps” or "neveitalia" with either the Epic search or Google (“[target word]”).


The site does have some limitations:


(1) It’s in Italian, so you’ll need to rely on Google Translate if you don’t speak the language. Google's machine translation is awkward, but it's good enough to give the gist -- just remember that "spatula" (Google's English rendering of the Italian "spatola") actually refers to the ski's tip :).


(2) The number of testers they are able to get on each ski varies significantly, particularly for the 2014 reviews -- some skis had nine testers, others three, and a few only one (but at least they publish this info. -- see point no. 2, below). 


(3) Not many reviews of wider skis -- its focus is directed towards on-piste boards.


Nevertheless, the site is interesting, as it distinguishes itself from other commercial sites I’ve seen (Ski, Skiing, Ski Canada, Real Skiers) in two key respects:


(1) They publish strongly negative reviews of skis they don’t like.  Likewise, I found two instances in which a company had altered a ski they liked, and they commented that the new version didn’t ski as well.


(2) For each ski, they (usually) list each tester’s name, height, weight, and skiing background, along with the tester’s individual scores and comments, and the size of the ski the tester tried.  This is very useful information, for obvious reasons.


Here are links to their reviews for 2012, 2013, and 2014, respectively.  These front-pages are in English, but you’ll need to use Google Translate to read the individual reviews.


I don’t know the “backstory” on this site, and on their gear reviews in particular, so if anyone does I’d be interested in learning more.