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crystal mt backcountry

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hey, i was just curious if any of you WA skiers had any idea when crystal is gonna open the backcountry, i have been itching to get off the groomers and i think i will go crazy if i dont get to lay down some tracks in north back sometime soon.
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I thought I saw a picture in POWDER a few years ago of someone going through a gate into the backcountry at Crystal? That's why Crystal established a priority position on my out of state skiing adventure list. Am I mistaken?
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Need more snow. It'll take about another foot before any BC opens. It's a sad state of affairs when rocks are showing on the main runs let alone try to pick through the BC without any incident.
Danger Will Robinson, danger.........
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It snowed saturday, but there is still not enough base, only 35" or so. Rocks showing all over on Snorting Elk. We need another foot or more for safe back country skiing.
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