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New backcountry snowboards

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Just heard on the radio a few days ago about a guy out in the NW, maybe Seattle?, that has developed a new snowboard for his love of backcountry boarding. The board is called 'split decision' and is designed to be split into two skis for the XC trek and hike up to your fresh powder site, then hooked back together to make a snowboard for the trip back down. Has anyone else heard of this thing and, what intrigues me most here, how'n the heck does it work?

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What a stupid question!
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Voile makes the split decision - the guy who invented it is here in SLC - I skied (he boarded) with him last weekend. He could switch from ride to walk mode almost as fast as I could (I had AT gear). The setup looked pretty simple - there were several fisrt time users of the split decision - all thought they would buy one.
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Rondo, thanks for the link. I'm not a boarder, I'm just interested in how you engineer something like this and still manage to have a board that maintains its torsional rigidity enough to be useful.
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The split boards are pretty pricey from what I've seen. $600+
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Burton released a cool 'split' board this season.
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Yeah, that cool Burton split is tres cher, Pierre. My son is going nuts trying to find one for under $900.
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so Harpo, how is Cowboy doing these days?

haven't seen him in five years.

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He seemed pretty happy with his situation - I do not really know him - he was an instructor for the Utah Avalanche Center's Avalanche course. Spent 2 days with him. Sounds like he has a pretty good deal going with Voile and is guiding for Exum. I had a good time skiing with him.
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