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FS: exceptionally fast, older 200cm Volkl SG's......CHEAP

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These are Volkl 200cm women' s SG skis, used very lightly over the 2007-2008, and 2008-2009 seasons, and not skied since. Stored the right way, these are perfect. These are World Cup, National Team stock. These skis were never available for sale, to anyone.


Mounted with Marker Piston Plates. 


These were meant to be part of the speed ski quiver for a WC athlete for the 2007-8 season. They were prepped, skied in, tested, and picked by her tech. The athlete was then injured for the season, and she never skied them. Her tech held on to them. They were provided to our daughter at the 2008 US Nationals. She switched to Volkl right at that time. They were skied a bit in the summer of 2008, and raced about four times that following season. Then our daughter headed to college...no more speed skiing. I thinkthey were raced once in 2009-2010. 


During the time that my daughter had them, these were ONLY tuned by a serious tech, with serious WC experience. He was a tech/coach for our daughter during a PG year;  he had worked out the details of my daughter getting them. My daughter was real lucky to get them.


These are the absolute real deal. The Sharpie notes on topsheets show that they were pressed in July, 2007, also show the number of time they were either hotboxed, or hand waxed in the Volkl race room before they were turned loose to the tech. They have set up to race on the WC. The edges are super thin, to be exceptionally fast. I think they may have been ground just twice. In the summer of 2008, my daughter was faster in a time trap on these than on any of her three pairs of DH skis, and she was a top 10 junior DHer. The skis scream. 


The topsheets are standard Volkl topsheets showing a radius of 33M+. I presume the radius is greater than that, But I just don't know. I can't represent what rule changes these fit into. 


My daughter has hung onto these, as they were "so, so fast, and so, so sweet", but she's moved on to a real career, and she's skiing a ton on a lot of wide waisted skis, softer boots, etc. These are never going to be skied by her, and they're too nice to be used as wall art, although that's an option for them, I guess!


Due to their length, it will cost about $50 to ship them. My daughter's still trying to buy some ski clothes,  and equipment as she moves on from the racing days, and I'd like to get her enough from these to get a nice pair of Hestra Mittens!


$175 shipped.   Pick up North of Boston for $125. 


PM me with questions. I can fill you in a bit more on who they came from, who did the work on them, etc. Just do not want to get into that on a public forum. 


Here are some pics:











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This is a great deal for a proper speed ski! While all speed skis come from the race room there is a HUGE difference between the selected stock and what rolls down to the rest of us. Sure you can work on any speed skis and make it faster but the top shelf stuff like this just starts with an advantage.

I would not have believed the difference but having acquired speed skis with a proper provenance such as this I can confirm that they are just simply faster and easier to ski.

Especially in the 200 length this makes a perfect masters super g ski. Someone buy it quick, with 8 pairs of speed skis in the closet I need the temptation to be removed quickly!
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Fast skis. Saw em once at Sugarloaf back in 2008-2009 and the bases were so greasy that you could see your reflection in them. I recall them winning every race that week.

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Free bump for a great seller! Must resist.......wink.gif
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NO INTEREST?? NOBODY?? Before anybody thinks about the "myth" that Volkl does not make fast speed skis....check Mancuso's SG results during the 2011 & 2012 seasons when she was on Volkl. I think it's 12 top fives in those two seasons. These are the same quality, and same pedigree. They have built exceptionally fast women's SG skis for some time. DH, not so much. Men's..same thing. I guess that people must have more success finding real WC skis that I ever had! I thought somebody would inquire and snap them up at this price. Heck, they'd even be fun to free ski mid week on some wide open cruisers. Any Sun Valley skiers out there! It's going to be a shame if these end up as wall art, or as part of a piece of ski furniture!

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SOLD to a good home! Thanks ES and SS! 

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I guess resistance was futile.........biggrin.gif
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the intersection of lower price and lower resistance produces that increased futility. Probably some equation in there for the smart guys! Thanks!

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