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Went to the gym this evening. Not many people there. I started running on an elliptical (treadmill makes my old man knee hurt). After about 5 minutes my bluetooth headphones died. Not a battery problem, they just died. I'm so used to music while working out that I was starting to get bored. Maybe it was all the veterans day commercials on the tv, but I started singing some Jody calls to myself under my breath. For any who don't know, jody calls are the call and response cadences sung while marching or running in the military (they keep you in step and your mind off exhaustion). I started with one of my old faves "rollin rollin rollin" ( I really thought I was barely audible, but after the second verse, a guy two machines down starts giving the response. There wasn't anybody in between us, in fact there wasn't anybody within 50 feet of us. We wound up spending the next 40 min or so taking turns calling cadence to each other (at about a speaking voice level), he had some I'd never heard before including one involving a clown car that had me laughing so hard I almost had to stop running. At the same time we both decided we were done running, gave each other a grin and a slight nod and left. And that was that, I thought it was pretty cool.