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powder skiis search

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I am a 5'9"  150 lb male  advanced skier looking for some powder skiis.

I live in northern bc Canada where our local ski hill receives an average of 40 ft of snow per year

right now my all mountain skiis are rossi b83's

. anyone have some info for me ?

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Plenty of info for you but need some from you first. I know you said "powder ski" but what does that mean to you?


(1) Days with say 12" or more or storming all day?




(2) Those days plus 2-4 days later as well?


These two scenarios (1 vs 2) suggest different categories of ski. (1) suggests powder specific which might mean ~~ 112mm or more with a large amount of rocker. (2) suggests wide all mountain which might mean ~~ 105MM with a little less rocker.



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Shames, Hudson Bay or Powder King?

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