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RK Heli Ski

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The iconic shot of heli skiing that comes to ones mind is that group of riders out in the middle of a huge powder field making endless turns, hooting and hollering. We'll this turned out to be one of those days on our trip to RK Heli Ski last January. I had John Witt a longtime friend and old Team mate of mine from back in our old US Freestyle Ski Team days as well as good ski buddies from home Mike Overby and Desiree. On our drive in we were greeted with snowfall making the drive from nearby Invermere to Panoroma Resort where RK is based out of even more exciting.


                                              Our Aerial  Limo


                             John and Desi shredding the Trees



The storm we experienced on the drive in the night before deposited a foot of fresh where we were headed in the high country. Due to visibility we were limited to the trees which faired well for us because the tree skiing at RK is unbelievable. With plenty of steeps, glades and little poppers we were having a great time.  Talk about having fun during that morning session as visibility was good in the trees and our Guide Rod Gibbons "Showed Us The Money".  As we rolled into the drainage to meet the other group for lunch it looked like visibility on the glacier was opening up. Lunch out in the snowfield came and went as we swapped stories from our morning adventures with a group of longtime college buddies from Calgary who were on their first heli trip, To see the excitement in their faces as they described their morning was awesome.


After sucking down the last bit of  hot Tea our guide Rod said were going to give the Glacier a go. We loaded into the bird and took flight for an area they call the Zoo. Apparently a hunting outfitter gave it that name because it is loaded with all sorts of Big Game species much like a Zoo. I guess this huge basin is home to Elk, Moose, Goats, Sheep, deer, wolves, mountain lions and plenty of other critters.

                         John carving it up out in the middle of the Zoo


                                Bustin out a little Popper on the Rossi Super 7's


As we unloaded at the LZ the skies starting clearing and the sun urstb out, WOW, what an experience to be in this kind of environment surrounded by such beauty, better yet standing over the top of about about a mile of untracked, wide open powder field. Like a kid in the candy store. Damn fun to get to ski such a long ways in pow.


That night it dumped two feet, so I think you get the picture of what our next day was like!  I'm gonna leave it at that!.


RK definitely has something for everyone and it is the perfect place to go for a ski vacation as you can get in a heli day and ski at Panoroma for the other days. Fun village, big terrain and and lot's of vert at Panoroma.


As Twanie from the old show "In Living Color" used to say I give it Two Snaps Up in the Z formation. RK is well worth it as you can see from the video. You be the judge.


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Oh man I want to go.
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Is this a TR or some kind of advertorial slot?

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