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Stormrider 95 or line Sick Day 95 or Soul 7

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6 ft 200 lbs. getting better every year. Get out to Big Sky and Grand Targhee two or three times a year. Live in Minnesota so ski Welch. Looking to get one of these skis. Love to ski in the trees and off piste as well as a good hard groomer run once In awhile. Ski with my daughters who are 13 and 11 and with "the boys" when out west. Any thoughts on the above skis?
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Curious as to how you you came up with that list as they are all very different skis. I skied all three last testing season and bought all three for our store. But, within the framework of how I define ski categories, they are a very different group.




I tend to define the 10X as a different category than the 9X. The 10X models from every manufacturer are notably more soft snow biased skis than the 9X group because they are wider (of course) but also softer torsionally, have more rocker, and are usually softer in flex.




Among the 10X models, the S7 is about middle of the pack as far as stiffness and grip vs maneuverability and playful are concerned.

Among the 9X models, the SR 95 and SD 95 are at opposite ends of the spectrum. The SR 95 has the best grip and dampening in it's class but is among the stiffer skis in the class. The SD 95 is among the softer and easier skis in the class.




Soul7 if you are prioritizing soft snow and off trail over everything else.

SR 95 if you are very good skier looking for one of the very best skis available in class.

SD 95 if you are  looking for sort of a "leave your brain in the parking lot" kind of ski.



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I really appreciate your wisdom. In fact, I scour this site for your posts/responses. To answer your question above. ....I am one of those gear geek fools who read magazines and sites like this. Have really gotten into skiing. To be honest the list simply comes from what I have seen and read plus awards etc. I saw your video review of the SR 107 and put the SR 95 on there. Plus, it looks really cool! I demo a lot when out west. The skis I have liked have have been Katana and Shiro when have had some snow. I would guess those are what you would say are damp feeling so Stormrider may be a good one for me. Thoughts?
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Nothing wrong with damp as long as it's not overdone (like anything I guess) and the SR series is not overdone in that way. The SR 95 is hard to beat for a combination of soft/hard snow all in one package. In fact, both SR models are impressive combinations and a far cry from some of the planky skis they have had in the past. I did say that the SR 95 is among the stiffest skis in that width class but it is far from being the stiffest. I s'pose one tell would be that I liked both SR models a lot personally and I do not like overly stiff skis.



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