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Get good socks.

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Fleece underliners are warm.  They dry out quickly, so don't get clammy as the day wears on.  You can throw them in the washer/dryer and they won't deform.  Wool is good but you can't easily wash and dry it.  Don't don't don't wear cotton.  It gets heavy with moisture, holds onto it like a bear-trap, and makes you cold if that moisture gets hit with even a little bit of cold air.


Fleece round neck gaiters are good for keeping your neck/chin/ears warm.  Don't wear a long scarf wrapped around your neck; it can come loose and get caught in the chair lift.

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Fleece is not the only option, but to most of us it's the best one.  Wool is the old school standby and it works just as well but has some comfort issues.


Fleece does not loose its insulation qualities when it gets wet, which it will do no matter what when you go out and exert yourself.

It's light and comfortable.

It's cheap.

You can just wash it with the laundry (or by hand if you want) and you can line dry it overnight, so you can wash it while on vacation and use it the next day.

It doesn't hold smells like BO as long as it's kept clean.


Wool is heavier and more expensive.  It smells sometimes and is more difficult to clean.  It does not dry quickly.


Cotton is forbidden.  It can kill.  For real.  When it gets wet it has almost negative insulation qualities.


Edit:  I'm referring to mid-layers here, not base.  Wool works great as a base layer.

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wool base layers made from Merino wool are my preferred layers. I love the Patagonia merino 1 base layers they seem to work much better than 100% synthetics in the transporting of moisture and breathing. 

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Alright, I now have a nice shell, and am ordering myself some Smart Wool PHDs. But what should look for in a good fleece? I have 50-70$ for one. I'm looking at the Columbia Ballistic III. The jacket I got was SIMS, it was marked down to $40, or was originally $200. suggestions appreciated, as always.
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for a fleece, look for something that you wouldn't mind wearing when not skiing, so you can use it for more than one thing.


Not as much rocket science to that layer, it's more personal preference.  Some people wear vests others like longsleeve.

I personally don't use a fleece jacket exactly but just long sleeve sweater/sweatshirt/thermal like deal.  If your shell is good, you don't need the fleece jacket's abrasion/windproofing layers.


My jacket does have a layer of insulation though, and in tahoe often it's just base layer tshirt+jacket.


So fleece more me would be shopping more along these lines:

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