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Misdrilled skis, safe?

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If the first holes were drilled incorrectly and filled in is the ski still safe to ride if binding is mounted correctly?

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Yes, most skis are safe with up to three sets of holes in them.  Beyond that it depends on how close they are together.

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^^^ wat he sed ^^^  

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Who did it? You or the shop?
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As long as the distance between the holes is at least 3 diameters (1/2 inch), you can drill as many holes as you need. 


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Consensus is not a problem.  But, consensus in these discussions also is that if the shop screwed up they should also compensate you with some free gear, tunes, or whatever for the inconvenience and loss of resale value.  Yep, not usually a problem performance wise, but extra holes, even plugged, significantly drop the resale value of your skis. 

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