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New transceiver to replace Barryvox Opto 3000?

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So I'm in the market for a new transceiver. I'm thinking of a Pulse provided I can get a sufficiently good deal - when they're available over here (NZ) they go for around $1000 NZD, which is about $825 USD right now. Even including 15% GST that's a bit excessive.


Some notes:

  • The frequencies WLink uses are not allowed to be used in NZ (my usual season) or Japan (where I will be Jan/Feb and likely next Dec/Jan/Feb too) AFAIK.
  • I have no interest in anything with finicky mode switching. IMO mode switching isn't something that should have to be learnt. Once was more than enough with that.
  • I've never used the Barryvox 3000 in purely digital mode and that's the only transceiver I have experience with... so having the option of analog mode would probably be nice.
  • Small is nice but not essential.
  • Would love to have a digital tone that changed in pitch not just cadence and volume.
  • Not breaking the bank would be good. Any good deals seen floating around?
  • Importing is definitely on the cards, especially for anything under $400NZD.
  • To me, options are a good thing so long as I can turn off what I don't want and the device is still easy to use.


Other options I was wondering about are the Arva Link and Axis. Or maybe an Element.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Links to fantastic sales? ;)

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I just picked up 2 ORTOVOX S1+ beacons.  I did a bunch of reading and there are some great beacon review web sites and even a great thread here on EPIC.  for me it was a choice between PIEPS DSP S1 or the S1 +.  sounds like you may need a facilitator to buy a unit locally and then ship direct .  should save you a bundle.

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Hmm, yeah, the DSP, S1, and S1+ are probably also beacons I should be considering. I don't like that the S1/S1+ don't change the pitch of the audio feedback though.


I have found beaconreviews.com to be good source of info so far. There are too many excellent beacons, damnit.

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yea, they don't  change pitch  but the frequency change and visual data on the s1/s1+ are very good.  even my 7 year old was able to use the beacon after just a few minutes of instruction and practice.


and with the option of updates and enough requests  pitch change may someday be an option.



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Hmm. I'll take that into consideration, although I'm not keen on waiting for a firmware update (that may never happen) to get what I consider to be one of the most helpful features for digital mode audio cues.


Have you had any experience with using cleansnipe.com to get decent deals? Is it worth the trawling? Btw has Backcountry.com the S1+ for $336 USD... looks pretty solid compared to other internet dealers (and way better than buying over here in NZ). If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for yours?

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I got 2 factory refurbs for $200 a piece but that deal is over.  Backcounty.com has a pretty good reputation.  just make sure it is the S1+ and not the S1.  I saw a few online sellers selling S1's but with a pic of the S1+.  might be worth a confirming email or chat to get a pic of the actual item and not just buy the trusting the stock photo.  I still think $336 is a good deal though. have you emailed ORTOVOX about adding pitch change?  they may have a good reason it is not an option.



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Yeah, I have emailed Ortovox and am waiting to hear back from them. Will be interested to see what they say.

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Just got a reply from Ortovox. Apparently the latest software update includes pitch change (all units sold this season will have it, and you can take existing units to a dealer and get them updated).


On the Ortovox site, I see a software update was released this October (emphasis mine):

There's a new update for the S1+. Release date: 24th of october 2013.

S1+ FW 2.0

  • Improved intuitive search sound and clear acoustic feedback when flagging
  • Fine search: Sound at 3.0m, tendency display at 2.5m
  • Customization of welcome screen: Password is not necessary/possible any more


Makes the S1+ look like a pretty good option now.

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yea, I saw that update.  I got my units on the 25th and have yet to go by a retailer that can update my units.  very cool.

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Just bought an S1+ for $315US from jans.com. Free shipping to a remailing service in Oregon, and probably around $30NZ to get it from there to me =)


Quite a bit better than the $800NZ ($650US) it would cost me over here...

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great deal,  I think you'll like it.



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