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Trying Powder This Year.

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Started skiing again last year and seeing others ski the powder

I said to myself I have got to do this, so a couple of weeks ago bought a new ski.

About me, age 57  6 ' 1 "   225 lbs  like to go slow on green and blue runs learning how to carve,

and think I just about got that, just like to have fun.

Last year I bought a pair of Rossi's E 83 yea I know, should have got the 88's.

So this year bought  on sale at levelninesports a 2013 Rossi  S7  145-115-123

after reading many reviews I thought that would be my best choice since I saw that it was an "easy ski to ski on"

forgiving and soft, we get some nice powder here in Eastern Oregon and I ski on a local hill Anthony Lakes

Have not tried them out yet our hill will open Nov 30 Hope to have a challenge this year getting into some powder

trying to look at some utube videos and learn a little before I go.

I hope I got the right ski?

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Welcome to Epic.  Skis should be all you need is the POWDER!  Until the powder comes, you can ski the 83s and get some mogul practice in- Not the same as powder, but uses more similar skills than groomers.

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Best ski you could have possibly bought. Makes an intermediate into a powder hero. (told to me on a cat ski trip by a self confessed terminal intermediate).  Hope you bought the 188's or bigger.

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Great that is what I was hoping for.

I forgot to add that it was a 188.

Funny thing is I first bought a REV 105 received it via UPS and I  looked and thought that it was not the right ski for me

not wide enough and too short

returned it to levelninesports and by the way they were "great" no questions asked and bought the S7.

I believe it was a better choice than the REV

It would be wonderful If I could demo some skies first but where I live, no such thing as that.

I can only go on the reviews and thought of others.

Thanks for replying on my first day "post" here, been a lurker for a few weeks.

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Congrats on the purchase and good luck with good powder conditions this season!  There is a reason every skier and snowboarder, no matter the age or preferred style, loves powder.  Skiing it makes me feel like I'm eight years old bombing down the neighbourhood hills on my wooden sled again.  First time in the deep stuff you'll tumble a time or two as you adjust to the slightly different technique, but the landings will be soft and you'll probably be laughing the entire time. : D

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