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New Skis!! :) Binding position?

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Today is a good day! Just pulled the trigger on Blizzard Magnum 8.5Ti in 181cm. I demoed this last year and have had my eye on it since.

When I demoed it, the demo bindings were set 2cms forward of centerline. The shop manager I borrowed them from said he had played with the binding position while he was trying them out and found the +2 worked the best. When I demoed them they felt great in that same +2 position. Maybe it just bugs me that I don't know what I don't know meaning I never gave them a try center mounted. On the other hand, with my body type 6'3", 190, and long femurs, I alway thought a little forward is good. Whats more, I'm just coming off skis that were notorious for having the system binding be a bit aft (Volkl AC30s) with it always feeling like a fight to stay out of the back seat.

It was also interesting in talking to my guy at the shop (whos skis I demoed) about how some manufacturers are starting to mark +1 and +2 on the ski as they're finding its a better setup for many people.

So I'm thinking leaving well enough alone and having the bindings (Marker Griffons) mounted +2. Anyone have a compelling reason not to or some posible negative side effects?
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You can always put a Marker Schizo on them and then be able to experiment with your binding position.

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Thanks. I was actually thinking that too but honestly I'm cheaping out on it. Maybe I should rethink that.
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Congrats on the new skis! I've got the same issue with mine because my others are 1 or 2 cm forward (I can't remember which), and although it was love at first sight on these skis, I can't remember whether I had the rep set the demo bindings forward of whatever they're marked at.

My solution? I'll wait to mount them until after I demo a pair for the sole purpose of figuring out where my happy place was. Although people will recommend mounting points, the bottom line is that 1) you loved them at one position; 2) you don't know which it was; and 3) you won't know whether it will make a difference if you guess wrong until you get back on them again. Patience, my friend!
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In general the mounting position affects where you stand over the skis sweet spot.  A binding mounted farther aft will move the skier farther back in relation to the ski's sweet spot or where it needs to be pressured to turn the easiest.  This being said, if you like a ski mounted farther forward it will tend to require a more aft stance to remain over the sweet spot.  This may be a compensation for a poor stance?  


Have you ever noticed the park n pipe guys stance who have their bindings center mounted?  That "Keep On Truckin" stance with the vertical spine and hands by their hips is indicative of this center mount position.  Their bodies are simply aligning over the ski's sweet spot.  Conversely, a more aft mount position will require a more forward stance to remain over the ski's sweet spot.  This mount position permits a more aggressive move into the turns.  It will however punish a skier who has poor technique or poor stance.


I have skied the skis you have and I loved them too, but preferred them mounted on the suggested position.  Your results may vary.


Note: there are four parameters which affect your fore/aft balance.  Mounting position is one of them but the other factors to consider are ramp angle, forward lean angle, and delta angle (which is created by the stand height differential between the toe piece height and the heel piece height.  All four should be assessed and balanced to work in concert.  Your knowledgeable boot fitter should be able to help you with this task.


good luck

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