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Bay Area Snow Park

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I know there are a number of bears in the bay area.  This looks interesting...



They're doing a Kickstarter campaign and need a minimum of a million bucks to proceed.  It looks like for the price of a nice pair of skis, a bear could get multiple years of free carpet skiing on a totally transferrable pass.


Personally, I think this could be fun.  At the very least, it could be a good way to banish the cobwebs and get equipment dialed in.  It's also probably a great place for beginners to get some confidence before driving hours to a real winter environment.

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Interesting. Proposed to be built on a landfill.

It's a non profit park. I think they'll have to offer some cheaper options for daily use. What about for 2 hours?


After we're open:

Daily lift tickets: $37

We will never offer season passes so pledge today to get yours, instead we will offer a monthly membership.

Memberships: $60 per month + $200 one time initiation fee

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There's such thing as abandoned land in the bay area? and 90acres of it? even if it's landfill?  that's news to me

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Originally Posted by raytseng View Post

There's such thing as abandoned land in the bay area?  and 90acres of it?  that's news to me

Perhaps it it is a giant trash dumping ground full of hazardous waste?

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still would be worth like $10M in san jose.


I guess my point is this guy is putting the cart ahead of the horse, and assuming he's just going to get free access to land in arguably one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country, and the costs are just going to be for the buildout.  

At least you got to have some kind of deal with the landowner worked out as a base step, even if it's a handshake agreement or just verbal consideration for non-profit usage, versus going to the public or government and then hoping that will guilt the owner to get free access?


(Points to the saga of  the Squaw valley to Alpine interconnect (whitewolf) as a comparison).

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Here's the area in google maps. Don't know how to get an image to paste here.

It's Capital Expressway and roughly Highway 101. It's across the Cap Expwy from the Los Lagos Golf Course

Coyote Creek is one border.

From the video, maybe the city owns the land? Very hard to tell actually. I will tell you from the video that everyone is excited about it. Even the city council member who was on the video. No talk of exactly the procedure for getting it through the city council. They "need" to raise $1 million by Jan 4 for the project to go forward. That's a kickstarter thing. Not sure if they don't raise it then what?


Project is from "1-18 million$". So let's say 30million. Size depends on how much money they can get.

They could use the dirt from the BART expansion digging to cover the landfill and build the slopes.


Satellite image. Indeed a blank spot amidst neighborhoods:!data=!1m4!1m3!1d5207!2d-121.8232968!3d37.2945017!2m1!1e3&fid=7

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I could be wrong, but I thought the deal was that the city owns the land (former municipal dump).  I think the non-profit and after-school-sports angles are related to a "public good", which is probably how they'll get use of the land.  Their map also shows soccer and baseball/softball fields.


In the video, he talks to a San Jose city council member.  You'd think there might have been some basic sanity checking before the council member talked glowingly about it on film.  Still, there aren't too many hard, fast details provided.  My guess is that the Kickstarter thing is meant to prove community support.  Perhaps some sort of funds would unlock if there's enough support.

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Well a little poking around and I found this. Seems like this SnowSchool non profit idea (the snow park) is piggy backing on the City's plan to develop the site as a sports and retail complex. One would think if the city decides no go on the softball park/retail development, then the whole thing is moot.

It also seems there are 5 other sites in consideration for the project.



The former Singleton landfill is a 90-acre site located south of Capitol Expressway between
Senter Road and U.S. Highway 101. Andrew Hill High School is located approximately three
hundred feet to the west and single family residences border the site to the east and south.


The landfill site has the General Plan designation of Public Park/Open Space and is zoned as R-1-1.
From 1964 to 1978, the site operated as two separate saniti~ry landfills: San Jose Disposal
Grounds (privately owned, located north of Singleton Road) and the CSJ Dump (City-owned).
In 1973, the City purchased San Jose Disposal, and the site collectively became the Singleton
Road Landfill, which was operated by the City as a municipal landfill until closure in 1978. The

former landfill has remained a vacant unutilized parcel since 1978.


The landfill has an aged methane collection and extraction system in need of replacement at an estimated cost of $2
million. Any future development on the site would need to consider the 100-foot riparian
setback per San Jose’s Riparian Corridor Policy and trail development along the corridor.
Extensive reports and monitoring information on the site has been developed over the past 20
years of City oversight of the closed landfill. Methane gas volume created from the closed
landfill has steadily decreased over time as expected.

Previous proposals for the site, including a golf course in the mid 1980’s and a softball complex
in early 2000’s, were evaluated by potential developers and staff and ultimately deemed not
feasible, in part due to the special development considerations and costs required for building on
a closed landfill site. In November 2000, the voters of San Jose approved a $228 million parks
bond measure and the only remaining project left to develop is a softball complex. Staff is in the
process of identifying a location for the softball complex. Given the large size of the Singleton
site, there is the opportunity to create a combined sports complex and retail center that is a
destination location for tournament play.

Hopkins Real Estate Group has expressed interest in developing a softball sports complex and a
retail development along Capitol Expressway, including an appropriate buffer from nearby
residential uses. Staff believes that its potential partnership should be explored and evaluated
along with other potential softball sites. The proposed Agreement will provide information
related to project feasibility and does not obligate the City Council to further action.

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