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Gortex vs. Hyvent

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Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a TNF jacket and was wondering if any of you guys have any experience with the Hyvent technology that TNF uses on some of their jackets. How does it stack up against GORTEX? I know it will not match up with it pound for pound, but is it small enough that I won't have to put up another $150-200 to get the GORTEX?

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My son has a TNF Hyvent jacket, which has performed well for 3 years. My understanding is that it is not quite as breathable or supple as Goretex, but I've been impressed at both its durability (albeit not in extreme conditions such as mountaineering, but with fairly heavy and daily use) and its function.

You should use Nikwax or a similar product at least yearly (more often with very heavy use) to renew the DWR finish on the outside of the garment just like with Goretex.

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