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2014 ghost max 130

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After loving my xmax 130 I decided to grab a pair of ghosts this season. Needed to get the the xmax shell baked as it didn't quit match my instep and width.

So in short got the ghosts from a major online site as my local store didn't do Solomon this year. Site said 360 custom shell but that is no where to be found on the boot. Called Solomon the guy had to pull out a catalog said it says on part of the page that it is 360 but not under boot descriptions at the end?

So does anyone have any experience with this years ghost max 130? Can it be baked in the convection oven? Or is the shell a different pu?

End rant. Thanks guys
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I would try, but hard to tell.


if the shell is NOT custom, the heat needed for custom if low enought not to do any damage to a non-custom shell.


So ya,   try and see.





Also: the custom shell, molds at a lower temp then other shells, so it really doesn't matter,  the custom shell is a bit easier to work on, but a good boot fitter can work on either/any shell





Why not call the online place and ask them?

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Thanks mntlion,

Called the online place they say yes salomon still says I don't think so. I was trying to see if I should spend the $ on the oven bake to try and see or just wait till I'm out west to see a boot fitter for punches ect. From the sounds of things on Salomon's end they didn't sell many of these boots. Shame as they look great in person!
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