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Skis for me

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What skis should I buy ? I do off piste skiing and little nature made jumps if there are. Sometimes just go down a regular slope. I am using  freeskis right now (line chronics) with mount between center and back, are they good for that ?

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Hey Grandman-


I’m not sure if you realize it or not, but you just opened Pandora’s box. With the information you provided, we could find literally hundreds of skis that could handle the type of skiing you described. I have a feeling you’re looking for just a few suggestions though, so let me ask you a few questions that can get you pointed in the right direction.


1. Where do you live? It might not seem relevant, but the terrain and conditions are much different at a 500’ hill in the midwest and at a place like Aspen.


2. What would you consider your skill level to be? Are you bombing down black diamonds, or casually tackling blue squares?  Knowing this can help us find a ski with the right flex for you.


3. You mention you’re using twin tip skis right now… is that something you want to stick with? Twin Tips can come in handy if you like skiing switch, and also make exiting turns a bit smoother. If you’re more of a hard charging skier though, you might prefer the extra support from a flatter tail.


4. Last question I have is: Do you have a preference for ski width? I know you mention that you ski off piste, but with skis these days that can mean anything from an 85mm waist, to something well over 110mm. Just to provide us with a point of reference, the Chronics that you’re used to skiing on are 92mm in width, which is right in the middle of the range that I suspect you’ll like the most.


When you get a chance, answer those questions and I think it’ll be pretty easy to find just a handful of skis that would work perfectly for you!


Hope this helps!

Matt @

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Well I had a feeling I was asking a question which is hard to answer. Here are the answers :


1.  I live in Finland. I ski in place called Ylläs, it is 718 meters high. You can Google it for more information about it.


2. Well if I would rate my skill level from 0-10 i'd say 8. When I ski normal slopes I ski red to black slopes. Most of the time when I off piste ski, I go side of some slope, because it's easy to get to the lift that way. When it's a really good powder day, I go all around the mountain.


3. I think I want to stick with twin tips if there aren't any ''cool'' looking flat tails.


4. I'd say between 110mm and 82mm is good like rocker style skis, not overkill rocker like powder skis but in the middle of like Chronics.


And also: because I have the skis mounted between center and back, how much does it effect ? 

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Can you tell us about 1) Your size, weight, and age; and 2) whether you really like your Lines, and would keep them, add another ski? Or do you want to replace your Lines because of something you don't like about them?

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Beyond: I am 178cm (5.83feet) I weight 69kg, 19. I like my lines and the rocker style, but those are a bit more for park what I don't do. I think all-mountain skis are my thing.

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One ski you could consider is the Line Sick Day 95. It is in the width range you should be looking at, has a flatter tail than the Chronic (but still has a pretty good "kick" in the tail, but has a conventional stance as opposed to the slightly more centered stance of the Chronic. It also has a youth oriented graphic that you'd probably like. This is not a great hard snow ski but it is very good in soft and even in bumps considering the width.



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Hey SierraJim,


I have been looking those skis, but as you said it's not a good hard snow ski and most of the time in my place the snow is hard. Skis working good on hard and soft snow would be nice.

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The Sick Day is at least as good as the Chronic on hard snow. The Line P-98 is perhaps marginally better if you could deal with the sedate graphic



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Hey Grandman,


One ski that comes immediately to mind for me is the Blizzard Peacemaker. It's a new ski from Blizzard this year and is basically a really stable, all mountain twin tip. At 104mm in the waist, it's a bit wider than what you're used to, so it might take a second to get used to, but I promise that transition won't be too painful. I actually just wrote a full review of the ski over on our Chairlift Chat section, so I won't be too long winded about it here. What I will say though, is that I found it to be one of the most all around twin tips I skied last year. It handled everything from jumps in the park, to steep groomers and off piste powder. Definitely take a look at it these, it sounds like its perfect for what you're trying to do.


If I had to throw a second ski in, I'd mention the 2014 Volkl Bridge. This one's 95mm underfoot, full rocker profile, and has a layer of carbon in it. Compared to the Blizzard Peacemaker, it's going to be a bit stiffer, but also a bit thinner. I think this could be a solid choice if you're hesitant to go over the 100mm threshold. 


Hope this helps!

Matt @

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I'v been looking those Blizzards on your website and those seem quite good.. :) I also have been looking at Faction Prodigys. I am planning to buy the skis for next season, so this season will still go with my Chronics.

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