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new ski advice

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Here's the deal: sold 2 old pairs of skis so that I can purchase a nice powder ski (used/new doesn't matter depending on condition)

I've been offered some really good deals on 3 skis: 174 rossi sickle, 173 volkl shiro, 178 pollard opus. Unfortunately, I'm a little dude. 135-140lbs, 5'6'. I'm tempted for the opus but I feel like they're too long even with rocker. Does anyone know if the sickle is good in deep pow (110mm)? Concerning the shiro, is it playful and poppy? I know it can charge, but I would like something kinda light as well. I'll be using the sticks at jhole and backcountry. 

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135-140 lbs and 110mm waisted ski. Yes. You'll probably just barely be able to get any float at all. smile.gif
If it matters, I know a couple of folks, both L3 instructors that use the sickles as their powder skis. Both found them on close out and paid very little little money for them. I've seen them both ski powder. They're both bigger than you by at least 30 lbs. But of you're ever wondering if you can make 110 work for you, even a small skill set should be able to make this work.
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