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Stocki Laser SC ..178CM

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Today , I had the change t demo the stockli laser SC in a 178cm at Vail . All I can say is WOW . That ski is fast , fast , fast and will make short , medium or long turns and never miss a beat . I even took it in some crud just to see what would happend and it just plowed right through it . I cant wait to get on next years cross pro in a 180- Today , I could of sworn I had been sent to a swiss training camp or those ski just love to carve ..lol
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Three years ago I had a 178 SC. The radius back then was 15m, the new one is now 19m. I used mine for club racing, Nastar type stuff. I loved the ski, but it was too long for what I wanted it for. I sold it and bought a Salomon 168cm(15m) 3V. BIG mistake! No more Salomon's for me. I called my Stockli rep in late Feb. and had him ship me a 158 SC(14m), and 156 SL(12m). I couldn't decide between the two. I haven't had either on the snow yet. It took me a while to get the binding set up I wanted.

Glad to hear you liked them. Its going to be a long summer for me waiting to get these baby's out!
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I have an order in for some of next years Cross Pros - which I hear are even better .
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The range is confusing. I had some Spirit Pros this season, but they are finished. Odd ski, they felt a bit like a race ski, but they were very twangy. Huge camber, it was hard to carry them without the brakes undoing. They were meant to be an all-mountain ski, but they were very twitchy in soft snow...11m sidecut and a narrow waist.
They are responsive as hell and fantastic on hard pack/ice though.
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I believe the Spirt Pro is the same SC I had with a new name. They redesigned the SC for this season, and stuck a new name on the old one. A 62mm waist is a bit skinny for all-mountain.

The main reason I ditched my Salomon's is because they absolutly suck on ice. WAY too soft flexing and torsionally they are a noodle. I am REALLY looking forward to next season!
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Glad to hear some feedback on this ski. I purchased some 178's late this year and only had a chance to ski them in the slush once. They seemed nice for the little I skied them. I'm anxious to get them on some ice next year and see how they work. Bought them for the local Nastar style league. I'm a little concerned that the 168 would have been a better length for me at 5'8'', 170 lb, we'll have to wait and see.
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