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Ive been using a gopro that I scored on proform a couple years ago, however the wide angle lens doesnt do a good job for movement analysis. It is also a hassle to have to leapfrogging down a run to get small segments of usable video - I dont like POV.


So I broke down and purchased a decent entry level camcorder with optical stabilization. I love how robust the gopro is in the case. I definitely realize the camcorder is going to be a lot more fragile, so I plan on taking extra care when I am riding with it.


I was wondering what others do to protect their camcorders while on the hill besides the obvious - dont fall on it :)


Does anyone have any cases they recommend? (I dont do the backpack thing)


I was thinking this might be nice...


Do you put your camcorder in a plastic bag?

On warmer days i get condensation (sweat) on my cell phone in my pocket. I was wondering if others use a plastic bag to keep moisture away from your camcorder. It could also go the other way though if you get some snow on the camcorder the plastic bag would trap the moisture in and be a bad idea...