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I recently acquired some skis with Axial2 140 bindings. The skis have a 98mm waist, but the brakes are 120mm. Workable, but a little big/clumsy. So I pulled one of the brakes off to have a look and had trouble getting it back on. Here are a couple pics...



The little protruding bar in the first pic should slip between the plate and the spring in the second as the brake slides back into place, but there isn't enough clearance. I tried sliding the brake onto the binding at different angles, etc, to no avail. And I can work a flat screwdriver under the bar on the binding, and could bend it up, but I started to do that and was a little worried I might snap it off, and that would not be good. I did download and check the Rossi 09/10 binding tech manual PDF, but the pics looked a little different than what I was dealing with.


Ultimately I ended up loosening the front two binding screws a little, so that I could lift up that part of the heel piece with the bar. That gave me enough clearance to slip the brake into place. But it seems a little, er, sub-optimal to loosen binding mount screws to get a brake back on. (I'm trying to find some 100mm brakes - I plan to epoxy the screws when I settle  on something prior to skiing.)


Anyone been down this road before? Have I missed something? In my case anyway it seems loosening the binding mount screws was the only way.