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Sx=11 and G3 on slush

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Well, we broke a 61 year old record by 7 degrees F today, so it was a perfect Easter Sunday for spring skiing. I took my 170 Atomic SX=11s to start with and my 177 Volkl G3s for later when it got super soft.

Ski Make: Atomic
Ski Model: SX=11
Ski Length: 170
Snow Conditions Used In: medium to slushy spring
Number of Days Used: 15
Your Ability: 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 35
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 40
Other Skis You Like: Atomic 10.20, Atomic R11, Atomic 10'22, Volkl P50SG race stock
Your Height/Weight: 5'9/170
Super fun ski for deep high energy arcs. Not for cruisers, park n riders, etc. They reward solid technique using high edge angles with fun-tastic changes in direction. They'll put you in the back seat if you give them a chance; look out then! I love them on hard snow groomed runs, but they are a handful in the bumps. In today's spring conditions they were best in the shadows where the snow was hardest and I could lay them over hard. They blasted through the lumpy cut up slush with surprising stability at high speed. They were most comfortable with a tight GS turn radius, but worked well at smaller and larger turns, too. As the snow became more rotten, I decided to change to the G3's for more float and larger turn radius.

Ski Make: Volkl
Ski Model: G3 non motion
Ski Length: 177
Snow Conditions Used In: spring mush
Number of Days Used: 40
Your Ability:
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:
Other Skis You Like:
Your Height/Weight:
I was getting tired, and put these on to tone things down a bit, but they surprised me with how solid they felt, and I actually kicked it up a notch on the speed. The bigger turn radius probably made them more stable in the mushy crud. The extra width underfoot and softer flex helped prevent diving in the softest areas. After 3 runs I had to quit while I was ahead, because the speed kept going up! That last run might be the one I'll remember all summer; don't see myself improving on it without taking unreasonable risks. Our hill closes a week from today due to lack of interest.
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So where are you from ?

I skied my G3's 177cm, two weeks ago at Killington on Tuesday for the first three or so run's then went to my AX3's 170cm. Both have the piston binding. I liked the AX3's better in the soft stuff. This past weekend at Okemo I skied my 10.EX's 177cm and had a ball skiing at SG speeds through the soft snow. The EX's were a chore in the bumps, not as quick and light as the AX3's. The EX's handled the speeds better but the AX3's were more fun over all. I'm 195lbs 5'11"

I also skied my son's PR 165cm the Saturday before Killington. Had fun on them everywhere, even pond skimming. They were like water skis.
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Smithers is about 350 air miles NNW of Whistler. By road it's almost 800. We often have great powder conditions well into April, but the hill closes anyway due to lack of interest. :
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Wow, it must be a beautiful area. I hope you know how lucky you are.

Enjoy life. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Smithers! I have to get up there one day for some touring in the Babine
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