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Head Monster I.M 75 Chip Super Railflex

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Ski Make: Head
Ski Model: Monster I.M 75 Chip with LD-12 super railflex binding
Ski Length: 177
Snow Conditions Used In: Groomed-firmpack to soft, crud, skier packed, 1' powder
Number of Days Used: 6
Your Ability: Advanced
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 29
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 120
Other Skis You Like: Atomic SL-9, R-EX, R10, Head Mojo
Your Height/Weight: 6', 170#

Smooth, damp, solid, and very heavy.

No apparent speed limit on groomed, good edge hold inspires confidence to go fast. Good rebound energy when pressured. A great tool for the groomed cruiser skier.

Nice flex pattern in bumps, but be prepared to muscle these heavy boards around.

Great at GS'ing the crud, blasts through anything at speed. Short radius turns in deep snow difficult. Hard to unweight. (Did I mention this ski is heavy?)

Poor float in powder at low to moderate speeds. They sink down. Perhaps mach schnell speeds are needed. Other, lighter skis with less surface area float better. (Atomic R11, R10, K2 Axis for example)

Comments from some friends:
"Skis like a 190"
"Nice flex pattern but a lot of effort to turn in bumps"
"You really feel the weight on the lift"

The 170 length is more manueverable and feels somewhat lighter, but still retains the stability. For my weight, the 170 is the better length. Surprising how only 7cm can significantly change the characteristics of the ski.

Also, the non-chip, non-railflex version is lighter. I wonder how much of the weight is due to the railflex system and/or the chip system.

The railflex binding system is simple to mount (save $ and do it yourself!) and only requires the turning of one screw. It can easily be moved +/- 1.5cm fore and aft, but you must find or carry a screwdriver around to make the adjustment.

Summary: A good ski for a strong, aggressive skier who goes fast, preferes medium to long radius turns over short radius and also has a set of fat boys for powder days.
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Good review.
I couldn’t agree with you more in all aspects of your review. I own a pair and I primarily use them for my GS type crud-busting ski.
I have not found a speed limit on these skis and they are so damp, they sometimes feel sluggish. The one thing that most amazes me about this ski is the incredible edge hold on ice and I’m not quite sure why. Is it the sidecut or the dampness or the chip?? The one thing that disappoints me with this ski is that it’s fairly slow edge to edge. That’s when I pull out my SL9’s or 5 stars.
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I also own a pair in the 177, but I weigh in at about 205 lbs. These boards tend to ski long, so at 170 lbs, the 177 is going to be a lot of ski, which I think accounts for the heavy and sluggish feeling that you're getting from them. Even at my weight, I wouldn't want anything longer than the 177. While I wouldn't decribe them as a light and lively slalom ski, I don't find them to be overly heavy or dead feeling, either. I demoed a pair before I bought them that had a bad tune which made them feel very heavy and sluggish, so that could be part of the problem, too. But all and all, they do pretty much what they are advertised as, a good crud busting all mountain ski which is exactly what I bought them for, so I'm pretty happy with them, and would by them again without hesitation.
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i am 5'6" 120 lbs and have been skiing the im75 head monster 163 about 10 days in killington. i love them and can't think of anything negative to say about them. they just go thru all the crud effortlessly, and i don't find them heavy. i thought i would find them difficult to turn quickly, but that did not happen. i demoed them first. my legs would have given out hours earlier on my other skis !!!
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