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Reasonable cuff cant assesment/solution?

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I posted this more as a comment in a thread I probably shouldn't have so I'm putting it here instead. At the bottem I've listed the items I'm curious about and think may need to be addressed but I also wanted to update this because of my recent cuff analysis.

Between reading some recent threads here and reviewing Ron LeMasters work, I decided to take a stab at my cuff alignment. Even though I'm a bit knock-kneed, to the best I can tell, my knees track pretty much straight on over my toes when I doriflex. However, I've always felt more preasure on the inside of my foot and inside edge. Perhaps there are other cant adjustments but after using Bud's meathod of analysing, I think the issue may lie mostly in the cuff alignment. The pictures are taken shell only, with my custom foodbeds. The gap on lateral side of my legs is about 1/4-3/8 wider than the medial side.

My boot cuff adjustment mechanism is maxed to the medial side. Would using a type of dense foam to pad out the later side of the shell cuff be an appropriate remedy?

(working on the pics, I don't see the icon to add pics and can't paste)


~Previously posted:

My issues are three fold.
I'm slightly knock-kneed : Is it possible to be knock-kneed but have proper alignment when flexed in an athletic stance? I feel sometimes like I'm compensating as its a challenge to release an edge on a steeper slope doing side slips or pivot slips. I can and do practice one legged skiing fairly well but if I try to straight line I can feel myself having to musle my leg in order to keep off the inside edge. Cuff adjustment, sole angle, or both? My boot guy says its fine and I should only worry if I'm highly competative in racing etc...He says if he were me he would not waste the money on stepping on their alignment tool and having the soles planed.

Skinny Calves : I've made my own shims to go between the cuff shell and liner with dense foam. I took a cylindrical foam piece and cut it on the obliqe so it tapers on both planes. I'm also thinking Booster Straps this year.

Long femurs: To me, it seems that flexion at the knee needs a higher ratio flexion at the ankle with long femurs in order to stay centered. I also feel like its always a chore to stay forward (I'm referenceing the points about spine angle too). I've heard the skis I was on (Volkle AC30) with integrated bindings had binding placement that some thought was too far aft making staying forward a chore. I demoed a pair of Magnum 8.5s with the bindings mounted 2cms forward and it felt great! Is this a proper solution or is it the boot too?
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Without seeing you in person I can only visualize what you are telling us.  It sounds like moving the cuffs medially to match the angle of your lower leg is the right thing to do, However, this is not to be confused with canting which occurs beneath the sole of the boot.  If your knees are plumbing out inside the boot sole seem you may need to cant your boot soles so that your knees then plumb more over the boot sole seem.  This would entail planing or shimming the sole so that you were taking material away from the outside edge of the boot or shimming to add material to the inside edge to in effect tip the boot outward.  The goal is to have equal access to both inside and outside edges.  This is addressing your frontal plane or left to right.


Now in regards to your sagittal plane or fore/aft balance. It sounds like you need some help here too.  I will not go into the details behind this assessment and adjustments but suffice it to say there are four parameters on this plane that need to work in concert to get you in the right place.  See a good fitter cause we can not do this correctly over the internet, sorry.

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Binding position is definitely one of the factors involved in balance.  All the others you've read from Bud and LeMaster are separate and important.  However once they are correct binding position is worth looking at and you are correct the Volkls you are on are back for many people.  Instead of demoing another ski, saying it feels great but not knowing why, why not move the binding forward on the Volkls?



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Hi Lou,

Thanks for the feedback. I cannot move the binding on the AC30 b/c of the way its integrated to the ski. At least thats what my shop guy says.

I demoed the Magnum 8.5Tis with the binding 2cms forward and it felt great. Towards the end of last season I also demoed some Rossis, Kastle, and Dynastar. The Rossis and Kastle felt pretty good but perhaps a slighly foward binding position on those would have been better too.

I was actually thinking for the demo version of the Marker Jester for the 8.5s I'm getting so I can try different positions. Is it worth it? Any drawbacks?
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Thank you. I'll try to send pics in a PM. I don't think my knee is medial of toe line plumb but I'll double check.

If it is, how do you determine if you should cant the sole to adjust for the anatomy (make the ski flat by adding to the outside sole) vs. trying to correct the anatomy by adding to the inside as you say.

I feel my custom insoles made a substantial difference in moving my knee out but that was a function of putting my body back where it was/should be by supporting another part of my body. This seems different that using the boot as a form a traction to force the anatomy. In contrast, adding to the outside makes up for the natural delta my body creates between the mechanical interface to the ideal base to snow angle. Please don't take this as a challenge to what your saying...I'm just asking and trying to understand.

I wish I knew where to find a bootfitter in my area of the same caliber of this forum. Unfortunately at this point I feel I'm better off self educating and getting advice from all of you. Any suggestions welcome for a good fitter in my area. Otherwise I'll have to wait for the next trip east or west.
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Hi Reconguy



if you accommodate your anatomy here, the result will be similar to a massive amount of base bevel.  you will have a large amount of angle in your leg and no edge angle at the ski where required.

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I've moved bindings for years on the Volkl system.  If you are comfortable with some careful filing and a rat tail file I'm fairly certain you'll easily be able to accommodate more positions.  I believe you have the system with the metal pin that locates the binding on two red rails.  Remove the pin and the binding taking note of the slot the binding is pinned to.  Get a rat tail file and carefully file a new slot forward of that (should take between 5-10 minutes per ski) and you'll be in business for testing.


Tell me you boot size and I can estimate how far forward to move the bindings.



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Thanks Lou,

Boot size is 27.5. I'll have to take a look at the mounting system to understand what you're saying. I'm pretty handy and have the tools so I'll just have to figure it out.

Is there any chace this mod compromises the integrity of of the mount to the ski, the binding system, or the ski itself. I've had a toe piece depart the ski before and it was not fun! smile.gif
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Hi Sandy,

Can you expand on this?

It is my understanding the the intent of cuff cant is to accomodate differences in lower leg morphology on the lateral plane. When the cuff matches the lateral angle of the tib/fib, it eliminates an angle of the boot sole that would otherwise be inherent to, and a function of the tib/fib angle on the lateral plane.
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Damn dude you speak precisely.  I'm impressed!  Please don't throw a "I'm rocking a 28.5 boot and my foot is a size 8 at us I'll be very disappointed.


I"m the only one I know of doing the mod but any of these guys could do it as well.  I've not had one failure so look at and ask any questions you need.



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