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Pomoca skins and twin tip skis

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This is an edited post, since I managed to find the answers to some of my questions through research and viewing videos from the Pomca website. has Pomoca skins heavily discounted.  I called them and was told that they are the "Back Fix Ready" type, which means that the tip loop is already installed and the length adjustment is performed via the strap and hook at the tail.  I want to use these skins on Blizzard Gunmoke powder skis.  For those unfamiliar, these skis have twin tips with tail and tip rocker and camber in the middle.  


My remaining issue is whether the Pomoca tail hook will be compatible with a ski that has a somewhat round tail, or will I need to add some contraption to attach the tail hook?  If so, which one?

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See edited post above.  Still need an answer to one question.  

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You don't need to add anything,  Try it without this -> if it doesn't hold by itself you can always fire up the Dremel tool and grind a slot in the tail to accept/anchor the hook.  Finish the ground spot with epoxy.  


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As Bob suggested. Otherwise, if you don't want to Dremel your skis, BD make tail clips for twin tips (got some a while ago for my DPS skis) which work well if they fit on the Pomoca tail.

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Thanks!  Skins have been ordered.

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