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someone review the Jak BC?

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Let's hear the difference between the BC and the regular Jak...if youve skied it...
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I skied both during a demo day at Copper. However, there were no soft snow conditions.

The BC is supposedly lighter although I couldn't really tell. Maybe after skinning for a few hours there would be a noticable difference.

The BC is stiffer ...but not by a great margin. I do think it'll make a better AT ski for that reason.
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I was part of the development of the JAK BC. Main differences are the JAK uses titanium to regulate stiffness. BC uses carbon fiber. BC also has a micro edge. Both of these make the ski light than the JAK. The BC is designed for BC skiing and off-piste. The one area it lacks in that the JAK is better at is hard pack. The JAK is also better skiing crud. With the JAK you can pretty much slice through anything in its way. The JAK is the stiffer of the two because of the titanium vs. carbon fiber. The JAK is better of an all around ski. The JAK is better when weight matters and touring is your primary activity.
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Thanks ATSteve. I went with the Jak BC as my AT rig, mounted with Fritschi Freerides. Coming from Salomon 1080s w/Fritschis, which i still have, I like a flexy ski. I plan on using the BC about 80% offpiste, with the remaining 20% for nice corn or powder days onpiste (the 1080s will remain my strictly-resort ski). I live in the east, so as long as the Jak BC can handle some variable snow conditions on the way back down, I'll be happy. That was the ski recommended to me for AT work over the Jak actually, so I'll be interested to see how it does.
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I think you'll be happy with the ski. Karhu is a Northern Vermont ski company so I'm sure it will handle the conditions up there well. Having grown up skiing backcountry in the northeast, I think you'll appreciate how well they float. I also use the Freeride with the Garmont G-Fit G-Ride for boots. Should be fun.
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I'm hoping so! The Jaks will get their first test up at Mt. Wash later this week. I actually love my 1080s set up for AT, just a little too heavy for longer tours, and I wanted something a little fatter under foot, but still flexy and responsive. Do you your Freerides setup with the Jak BC? I'm on Scarpa Denalis, and am considering the Titanal 3 (for weight) instead of the Freeride on my Jaks, since my 1080s already have the Freeride on them. The 12 DIN is nice, but I'm only at an 8 anyway (I'm 165 lbs). Just a little worried about how Titanal 3s would handle the many rocks and trees here in the east (they're a bit less burly). Never skied on the 3s either...
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