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T-Nut Installation Recommendation

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I'm looking for a recommendation for a snowboard repair shop that can install T-Nuts for snowboard bindings. There is nothing in my area, so it would have to be done by mail. I don't know if this is an unusual request or not; I'm sure most repairs and custom work are done by the customer visiting the shop.


Ideally I would like to mail the board to the shop, have the installation done, then have them mail it back. I have searched the internet and found a few shops that list T-Nut installation services, but would like a recommendation.

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Is the lack of response because there are no snowboard shops the install binding inserts anymore? I guessed it was just my area.

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Well... consider there are only 17 views total including mine so far... presumably a lot of the other readers, like me, don't even what a t-nut is :confused 


it's a pretty quiet forum... wish I could help

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I think the issue is this is a snowboard forum that is a sub forum of a predominantly ski focused forum.  Most folks that post here are skiers that also happen to snowboard.   You might get more attention in the tuning and maintenance forum.  Outside of that, I would recommend asking the question in a non epicski snowboard dedicated forum as it might be a more common occurrence there.  Might also try pm'ing Pat Moore.  Though a serious skier, he's also a serious snowboarder and is affiliated/works for a ski/snowboard shop.

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Have you tried calling "The House"?

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why do you need t-nuts? does your board not have inserts in a 4x4 (standard) or 3x3 (Burton) or sliding on a built in track inserts?

i haven't seen t-nut installation in over 10 years,  i used to do a lot before standardization

Kuusport still sells a kit if their catalog is accurate.

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Thanks, I knew it was a long shot but hoped some one might know of a resource.


No problem I'll keep looking.

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