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Ski recommendation help please

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I would like to add another ski to my arsenal. I currently use my Bonafide as my go to ski and gun smokes for powder days. However I would still like to have a ski that is better on those icy days where I'm stuck on the groomers. If I don't lose too much in technology, I'd prefer the skis to be a couple of years old to save money.

I'm 6'2" 200 lbs. in good physical shape. 53 yrs old. I've been skiing 30 yrs about 15 - 20 days per year. I ski almost exclusively In Tahoe. Can you recommend ski and length.
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Have you ever tried racing skis?  People tend to dismiss racing focused ski designs over concerns of too much rigidity making for an uncomfortable full day of skiing, and there is certainly a seed of truth to that.  But they can also be very fun to ski on otherwise average groomers in crappy conditions. 


Secondary bonus is that you can get very nice deals on racing skis when they've gone into stock clearance. 


Maybe call around to your local ski shops and see if they will rent you a set of GS or even slalom skis for a day.  You might find they fit the bill for your criteria here. 

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I think you make a great point when recognizing that hard, icy conditions exist at big mountains. The Tahoe weather last year did not bring much new snow and one has to think there were many days when real carvers would be ideal. I second the above idea that a cheater GS ski with a more narrow turning radius would rule on such days. They are frequently available in the Epic Used Gear sales forum. There are some other hard snow skis offered for sales in that forum. Look for the race ski sales by Scotsskier, who lives in Tahoe area, who has great pricing on some excellent equipment. You could also call Philpug at Start Haus in Truckee and see what they have available in used carvers. Phil is also available via the Epic Personal Message.


A Scotsskier sale is here



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