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Are my kids skis the wrong size?

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Need some quick advice.  I'm trying to decide if my kids need new skis for this season.


First child:


11 years old  58" tall 105 lbs (stocky muscular kid)

Just developing a good carved turn and gaining a lot of confidence.  Really starting to keep up with me on average blue runs.  Biggest accomplishment last year was perfecting a hockey stop and losing the fear of going straight on the fall line.


Current skis are Vokyl Unlimited 130cm.  104/67/92.  They come up the middle of his chin, below the mouth.  I think these are likely too short.  Online guide says he should be on 140+


Second Child:


8 years old  50" tall  56 lbs (skinny/wirey build)

Fearless skier who is constantly searching out jumps and rails.   Still working to perfect carved turn but very in control on the hill.  Almost has hockey stop perfected. but needs a bit more time.   Comfortable at high speeds.


Current skis are Elan Pro Race 110's.  97/66/88.  This is a pretty stiff ski I pick up used for our older son a few years ago.  They come up to the middle of his chin as well.  He had no issues with them last year overall, but I'm wondering if a more flexible ski would be better for him.  Due to his light weight I'm not as worried about the length.  Online guide says he should be a on 110-120.

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I would say the 11 year old needs a longer pair.  The 8 year old could use a longer softer pair, but you could wait for a bit until you come across a good deal.  Wait long enough  and he can use the 11-year old's current skis.

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Anyone else have any imput?

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I have a 6 year old and 10 year old who both ski in a Junior race devlopmental program where they train but do not compete outside of their own group until the end of the season, and their coaches suggested that the tips come up just under the nose for the 10 year old and up to the chin for the 6 year old. They both ski 40 days a year, since they have been 3, and these length recommendations have worked well over the years, & continues to give them the flexibility to switch between short & long turns and also keep in good control. My son skis the dynastar speed team &  and my daughetr is on a red  atomic "race" ski. Both medium flex good allaround skis. next season my daughter will move to a "real" kids race ski and my son will inherit a pair of her older Atomics.

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Just rechecked my 11 year old skis last night and they're actually below his chin at this point.  We're buying him new ones.   There is a used sports store near my house (play it again sports) which has a nice selection of 140 cm ski's.  They want me to trade in his 130's for a discount of the new ones, but I think I'll just keep the 130's, since my 8 year old will be able to ski them next year likely.   They are over his head by 2 inches right now, but by next year they'll likely be at eye level.

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Have boys nearly the same age as yours, although both are thin, both race. Younger 7.5 year old, 49 inches, is on 114's, which are a touch short, he may move to 120's.


Doubt your 8 year old will grow by that much (5-7", distance from 2" above head to eyes) in a year. 130's may be right when he's 9. 

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Yeah, it's universally agreed upon that slightly too short is better than slightly too long, especially for beginner skiers.   If they offer me a good deal on my 130 Vokyl's I'll likely just trade them in and get something different for my younger on nexy year.


Play it again won't take race ski's however...   I'll have to bring them to our hills ski swap.

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I have two kids in their 4h year of junior racing.  One 9 (49" and 55lbs) and one 11 (58" and 86lbs).  The 9 YO just moved up to 145 GS skis and the 11 YO to 156 GS.  They are on 120SL and 135SL respectively.  The big jump on the GS size was at the teams request due to the GS rule changes in FIS and expected future trickle down which based on the other thread on GS rule changes may not happen:nono:


After one day of skiing the new sizes the older one is going to be fine the younger .....we will see:confused    She's a tough wiry little skier  but this may be too much

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