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Ski Make:Volkl
Ski Model:GC Racing (NOT the Race Stock)
Ski Length:178
Snow Conditions Used Inay 1acked powder, corn snow, slush; Day 2: frozen corn, hardpack, stiff mashed potatos; Day 3: 8” new powder over crusted corn base, race course
Number of Days Used:3
Your Ability:level 8-9
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:40+
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:25
Other Skis You Like:Volkl's, Dynastar Intuitiv 74, Atomic EX
Your Height/Weight:5'-11"/180 lbs
Comments: This is a great ski! My skis came with the Marker 1200. The ski comes with an integrated Marker Piston plate. As far as I can tell, the pistion is always on, unlike the Piston binding where you can turn the system off and on. Have skied the Volkl two days now in very spring-like conditions. The skis handled it all with no difficulties. In the soft snow yesterday, they carved effortlessly. I had no problems taking them short or long. They are also agreeable skidders, and very forgiving when I got in the back seat which I do too often. Today, in the hardpack, they had great edge grip and handled any speed that I could throw at them. They do require a bit more energy then my P50's to get going but they feel so much better when up to speed. And despite dropping from 188's to 178, I'm impressed by their stability at speed. I hope to try them out in the gates during a racing clinic tomorrow. Will post more then.

[edit]Day 3 on my GC Racing’s came with 8” of new freshies. Had to admit, it was awfully hard to leave my Intuitiv’s behind and stick to my plan to test the Volkl’s in the race course. But, I thought I might as well see what these puppies could do with a little fresh snow. I was very pleasantly surprised by their performance in the powder. Are these a powder ski? Noooo, but if you’ve got less than 10” that will soon be a cut up mess, these skis handle themselves quite well. The wide tip gives enough float and the sidecut makes skiing powder a breeze. Once the snow got cut up, the skis had all the stiffness required to blast through the crud. In the softer snow, they carved beautifully. Just lay ‘em over on their edges and they cut wonderful GS arcs. Later on, I joined in a Race Clinic and took them on several runs on a short GS course. Again, these are not the full blown race stock ski, but they acquitted themselves well in the course. Once the soft snow got scrapped away, I found the tips chattered a bit too much to my liking, but the ski still felt solid underfoot, and very fast. Good pop out of the turns. Quick side to side. They also benefited from continuing snow fall throughout the clinic that would soften the course.

Overall, these are a very good ski. Smooth and powerful like most Volkl’s, with surprising versatility, able to do many things well. A definite step up from my P50 Motion Platinum’s.

[edit]OK, to balance the scales a bit, here's the one thing I didn't llke about the ski: it gets squirrelly when you try to run it flat. You have to keep it a little on edge all the time.

On a scale of 1 - 5:

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