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Tuning question

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I am debating if my volkl RTM 80 should be tuned or not before the season. I skied them maybe 40 days in the past two years. I was told to wait as long as I can before tuning a new ski. 


Any suggestion?



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Yes.  Tune them up.  I also suggest you read all you can about doing your own tuning on these forums, buy some tuning gear and DIY.

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Waiting to tune a new ski doesn't make sense.  I could see waiting before having a stone grind done, but skis need to be waxed and sharpened on a regular basis.


When I buy new skis I don't always sharpen them but I always wax a few times before skiing them to get the wax to really saturate the newly made base.  Same thing after a stone grind.


Get them tuned, or as Ghost said buy some tools and tune them yourself.

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  +1` guys. If you have questions about how to proceed, just ask in Tuning & Maintenance and you'll get the info you need...



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Thanks to all for your suggestions, I'll research how to this my self, I do wax my own skis but never sharpened them.

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  Sounds good. Make sure you search "sidewall planing" as this is an important step to do before side edge filing.



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Agree zenny, I just did that to my new Soul7's.  Mike Desantis said the side edges on Spanish made skis have very little bevel, so I used my trusty ski man sidewall planer to peel off a few ribbons of side edge so I could file the side edges back to 3 degrees.


sym, buy a side edge guide set to the degree you want your side edges, many of us swear by 3 degrees.


You can then buy a file and 2-3 diamond stones.  Using the stones is easy, little damage you can do if you use the bevel guide.  filing takes a little practice, but plenty of how-to's on the web on how to do it.


Don't do anything to your base edges, they should be set by a stone grind and left alone.


You might want to consider finding a good shop and having the skis ground so you know they're in a good starting place with the bevels and then maintain them.

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I have had Mike apply his magic to 4 out of my last 6 pairs of new skis before putting them out on the slopes. The Soul 7's were included. Then I am good to go on my own for the balance of the season. I should be picking them up next
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Gostan - glad to hear you're venturing into the world of waxing and edging your own skis.  it's fun and relaxing to do once you get the hang of it...unless you have a family with multiple pairs of skis.  I just wanted to throw out just a few lessons I've learned over the years about some even more basic actions.  First, if your skis are being transported in the car and not in a rack, then strap them together so the bases don't slide around against themselves.  Second, wipe the skis off when you get back home and make sure you get the edges dry (we even go so far as to lean the skis against the wall with the bases showing, so any residual snow in the bindings doesn't drip onto the edges as it melts...yes, overkill).  Third, check for burrs along the edges and clean them up right away with whatever stone of choice you use.  Just these three simple steps every time you ski will help keep your skis in tip top shape.


Hope you have a great season!


T. -

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