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All Mountain Junior Ski Advice

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I need suggestions for all mountain skis for a 7 yo.  He turned 7 this summer and is on the larger size for his age. He is about 54" tall and weighs 86lbs.  He skis the entire mountain with me, including side country.  I am looking for a ski that does well in trees, bumps, woods etc. but can also carve to some extent and can handle speed.  We will be on hard pack for December and early Jan while waiting for the woods to fill in.  I have an extra pair of 125 Volkl SL skis he can bang around on early season as a hand me down from the older racers in our family....which is why a pure carving ski is not what I am looking for.  We ski in the east.


The 128 gotama tops my list but finding a used pair is tough to find.  Any suggestions would be great.



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My kids like the K2 Bad Seed, which is (I think) 85mm in the waist.  

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My daughter (now 11) liked her 128 K2 Juvys (80mm waist), which she used for pretty much most of her skiing for the last couple of seasons up until last year. I'll be selling them but I live in NZ so shipping won't be cheap. They seemed fine everywhere, from groomers to trees, powder, and moguls.


This year she got by with just slalom skis and some Moment fat skis (one extreme to the other, really), but we are also on the lookout for something more multi-purpose for next year and also to take to the US in January. I've been looking at Gotama Jrs and the Bad Seeds too. However, I think the Gotama Jr is fully rockered, so I am wondering how useful they'll be on groomers. 

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I skied Volkl's RTM 84 last year which also uses their full rocker. It ripped on groomers. If the Gotama Jr is similar your daughter won't have any problems there.
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Hate to say it but the mini goats are great. We put our then 9 year old on them last year (slightly lighter and shorter that yours) and his skiing took off to another level. We did lots of research and kept coming back to the Gotama. It has proved to be a great all rounder, it will carve but is great in the trees, soft bumps, powder, crud etc (skied in Canada). It also performed well on the hard pack we had here in NZ in July. They handle speed well and he is skiing faster on them than anything else he has skied.


Two things that we especially like about it are the wood core which is nice and springy and they have that volkl edge hold which was especially good here in NZ on the hard pack (it wasn't ice, but not far off it).

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