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how to determine if this is a leak or sweat?



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Been there, done that. I swore it was sweat. Might be some of both. Taped up both seams on the boots and bone dry ever since.


If you are truly curious, tape up one boot and leave the other as is and go ski for a day.

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I ski in the same boot, but with a foamed liner. First non-plug boot that I've had in decades. I get the moisture. Obviously quite noticeable due to the shell material. I've determined that it doesn't matter to me, what the origin is, as it's minimal. I pull the liners ever night {as I did with a plug}, and let them dry. 


In the past, I've had similar moisture with other boots and liners. My wife has, too. Non Lange. I guess in my case it doesn't affect me. Feet are warm, and dry. Boots fit. I should probably add that I've skied them in a lot of different weather, temps, snow, rain, slush……the works. Based on where I see some of the moisture forming, I think it's humidity and heat form my feet more than leaking, but heck..they may leak a bit. 


I do open these a LOT less than my old plugs, BTW. Very little fiddling with the buckles on these. No unbuckling after each run. I've had the moisture, often freezing in conditions where leaking is pretty much impossible. 


My $.02

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Problem was that I had noticed first time that my feet are frozen... (obviously, the boots were in snow, so I would not able to see anything), later on, when I changed and cleaned out the snow, I had seen the moisture. The origin is not know yet (snow or sweat).  

I've heard that any foamed liners aka Intuition would give you a lot of sweat, my liners are original not Intuition or similar...


a. I will try to crack the buckles (may be the gap was too big)

b. put some duct tape 


then I might know what is the issue, if it is a sweat then I should see it with case a and b

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The overlapped area up the length of the instep is pretty minimal.  I wonder if that's the result of Lange attempting to maximise fit and comfort across the instep, or if it's the same overlap as the RS130 (and just more visible through the clear plastic).

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If they leak you could just put intuition liners in them, and have warmer feet overall.
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My rossi's only leak in spring-like conditions--warm and wet. I've gotten very good at pulling and putting back the liners every night when necessary to dry everything. The intuitions are water proof so the leaking doesn't bother my feet.


For those who don't know how--to pull the liner have the toe of the boot facing away from you. One hand on the back of the liner top, the other hand on the top of the back of the boot. Push the liner up and forward--towards the toe. The forward part is important. To put the liner back--toe of the boot facing you. One hand on the top of the back of the boot. Other hand in the liner, palm facing you, push the liner down while using the hand in the liner to guide the toe of the liner into the toe of the boot, following the curve of the shell. Remove your hand before the liner is all the way in or we'll have to call the fire dept to get it out.

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